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Brazilian Scientists create a Unique Smartwatch made for Plants

Human beings sow the plants, but often forget to water them at the right time. Scientists have now found a solution to this problem. Researchers at the Brazilian National Laboratory of Nanotechnology have created a smartwatch that will be worn by plants, not humans. With its help, plants will be able to tell us when and how much they need water.

How does a smartwatch work?

According to the report of Daily Mail, a smartwatch made for plants also works like a smartwatch for humans. Just as we wear a smartwatch on the wrist, a smartwatch sensor can be placed on the leaves of a plant. Both the clocks work with the help of electric activity.

Just as we wear a smartwatch on the wrist, a smartwatch sensor can be placed on the leaves of a plant.
According to the researchers, this sensor is connected to an app, which can be installed on the mobile phone. This app transfers the complete data of the plant to the user through wireless technology. With this the user can monitor the water level in the plant.

How was the smartwatch designed for plants?

To prepare this smartwatch, scientists designed special types of electrodes. These electrodes can be easily attached to the leaves and they can be monitored for a long time. Two types of electrodes were used in the experiment. First – made of nickel metal and second – by applying a layer of wax on the burnt paper. The electrodes were pasted on the leaves with the help of tape. ┬áResearchers found that the nickel electrode was successful in sending large signals. After this, scientists made such a device with the help of metal electrodes that could be worn by plants. It was attached to a live plant.

Water percentage will reveal toxicity in plants

How much water is left in the plants, it is known through the water percentage in the app. Scientists say that the water percentage indirectly also tells whether the plant is in the grip of insects, insects or toxic things. At the moment this device is reliable only for indoor plants. There is still a need to develop this smartwatch in a better way to test the correct data of outdoor plants.

Smart devices already made for plants

Apart from smartwatches, scientists around the world have designed many electronic devices for plants. These include a plant pot that lights up when water is needed and a plant pot that behaves like a pet.

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