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Britain to set up a Solar Plant in Space

Britain to set up a Solar Plant in Space

UK Government is working on a plan to build a Solar Power Plant in Space. 50 UK engineering organisations, including Airbus and Cambridge University, have joined this government initiative.

The UK launched an initiative last year to explore options in this direction. Its goal is to achieve the goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest cost compared to existing technology. According to the initiative’s chairman, Martin Soltau, all the technology needed to develop a solar power plant in space already exists. This power station can be several kilometers long. Getting it into space would require 300 rockets the size of SpaceX’s spacecraft.

Once formed, it will orbit the sun 36,000 km along with Earth. This facility will collect solar energy like a solar power plant on earth. The system will work in any weather. h. The great thing is that such a power plant does not face any problems of timing or meteorology, since in space the sun will always shine on it. Renewable energy plants on Earth often face this problem because the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. In addition, such power plants rely on battery storage to avoid energy losses.

The UK currently gets more than 40% of its electricity needs from renewable energy, but renewable energy needs are expected to triple over the next three decades. Antenna needs to be installed on earth called Rectena. This rectenna will be like a huge open trellis with many small antennae attached. These antennas absorb microwave radiation sent from space and convert it into electrical energy. Scientists claim that this radiation poses no danger to humans.

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