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California Scientists Claim: Eating Grapes Lowers Cholesterol Also Helps Prevent Stroke

Everyone knows that eating fruits is good for your health. Scientists have claimed on the basis of a study that eating grapes reduces cholesterol levels. It can also help prevent heart attack and stroke. In fact, researchers in California gave the participants in the study 46 grams of grapefruit powder daily for four weeks. They found that eating grapes increased the diversity of bacteria in the gut.

These bacteria are helpful in the strong immune system of humans. Cholesterol levels were also shown to be significantly higher in these people. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance in the blood that can block the arteries if it is high. This can lead to heart disease. Eating grapes reduces the acid level in bile.

It plays an important role in digestion. Fruits like grapes and apples contain antioxidants called polyphenols, which are organic compounds naturally present in plants. They keep the blood vessels healthy and flexible to improve blood flow in the body.

Polyphenols control sugar level and blood pressure

Researchers say that polyphenols can help lower blood sugar levels and control blood pressure. They are also helpful in reducing chronic inflammation. The new study was led by Zhaoping Li, a professor of medicine and nutritionist at the University of California, Los Angeles. In a report published in the journal Nutrients, Lee says that grapes have a beneficial effect on gut bacteria. This is good news. This research has expanded the scope of what we know about the benefits of eating grapes.

Microbiota analyzed

The bacteria called microbiota live in the gut. The experts analyzed the microbiota in the study. The 19 people involved in the research were given a low-polyphenol and low-fiber diet for the first four weeks. After this, for the next four weeks, he was given 46 grams of grapefruit powder daily. Simultaneously, low-polyphenol and low-fiber diets were continued. After this, this report was prepared on the basis of investigation.


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