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 Can Black Holes Be Turned Into White Holes?

The concept of a White Hole is exactly the opposite of a Black Hole. But their existence has not yet been observed or proved, but they cannot be ruled out in the present concept of the Universe. But even before the black hole was proved, when Albert Einstein had given its concept, only then the possibility of a white hole is being expressed in contrast to the black hole. In such a situation, the question is also valid whether there can be white holes also.

Black Hole is such a body where everything gets absorbed, due to which it or anything inside it is not visible. That’s why it is named Black Hole. But is there a white hole opposite to a black hole, and if so, can a black hole turn into a white hole? This question may sound childish but science also has an explanation for such questions. And astronomy has a fairly scientifically grounded answer to the question of how likely it is to have white holes and whether black holes can ever change into them.

What is the concept of white hole
First of all, let us first understand that black holes cannot turn into any such body. White holes, on the other hand, are hypotheses by scientists, but there are even indications that they may be. A white hole is the opposite of a black hole. That is, if time starts going backwards, then black holes will look like white holes. They cannot be dismissed outright.

What are black holes
So first understand the black hole. Black holes are very heavy but condensed bodies in space. Their gravitational force is so high that they have the ability to pull even light inside them. As a result, we cannot see anything inside them, so they are called black holes. All of them are infamous for being eaten and also as the most mysterious bodies of the world.


What are white holes
If we watch a movie of the black hole in our spacecraft at a safe distance from the black hole, then nothing will be seen coming out of the black hole. We will see that whatever comes near the black hole gets absorbed in it. Even black holes will swallow a nearby star. But when we play this movie upside down, whatever we see will be a white hole.

How White Hole Works
We will see that suddenly a whole star will come out from a very heavy body and many things will be seen coming out of it along with the light. The concept of such a body is the concept of white hole. Where there is now evidence of the existence of black holes, bodies like white holes have not yet been seen.

Where did the talk of white holes come from?
But the question is, why is there even thought about white holes? The reason for this is the great physicist and mathematician Albert Einstein. His theories gave the concept of black hole. According to his ideas, white holes are also possible. In such a situation, the question is quite valid whether white holes can be formed in our universe or can black holes turn into white holes. This possibility may not seem like it right now, but this notion cannot be dismissed as of now.

White is the opposite concept so it is not possible. Because at the moment there is no such thing so that time can go backwards, then only white holes can be seen. Right now we are seeing the universe going in only one direction and that too forward. But white holes are just an interesting possibility. But another interesting thing is that the universe itself can go in the other direction. That is, many scientists believe that the universe with the opposite direction can also exist where time is going backwards.

A research has said that it is quite possible that before the Big Bang, another universe existed in which time is going backwards. If this is true and it can be proved, then the concept of white hole will no longer be fiction. At present, the existence of white holes does not seem possible in our universe, nor can they be the future of black holes. At the same time, many scientists are also saying that white holes and black holes can be two sides of the same coin.



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