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Starbucks Plans to invest in Web 3.0.  

Starbucks sees NFTs as a new way to build loyalty. It won’t just be a matter of speculation for Starbucks, the company sees much further ahead for its first collection of NFTs. Starbucks announced earlier this month its ambition to invest in Web 3.0 with a collection of NFTs and the creation of a third

Microsoft suspected of being favored by Anticor

The contract between Microsoft and National Education for the renewal of several hundred thousand jobs is in the sights of the anti-corruption association. According to this agreement, a hundred Microsoft software (from office automation to CRM, via ERP or content management) should be present at almost 800,000 national educational workplaces. The Anticor association, known for

The iPod journey has come to an End

Apple no longer makes iPods, which can only be purchased until stocks last. The tech company has officially announced this. However, you can buy it from Apple Stores until current stock runs out. The iPod was released 21 years ago on October 23, 2001. It was the first MP3 player that could store over 1,000

 WhatsApp: Now listen to the Audios without entering the chat

WhatsApp: listen to the audios without entering the chat, you can find them in your phone files without having to see the conversation. Surely someone has sent you a voice clip on WhatsApp and you want to listen to it, but you don’t want to enter to see the conversation to avoid leaving the other

Cryptocurrency Stock Market Crash: Many Coins Drop Over 10%

Cryptocurrency Stock Market Crash: Many Coins Drop Over 10% Today, the currency is trading at $31,080.91, up 7.82 percent. It’s down nearly 20 percent in just a week. Although the cryptocurrency market has been under pressure for the past few days, there has been an outcry across the crypto market over the past 24 hours.

Space Hotel by 2025: Now Celebrate the Holidays in Space

Space Tourism: New discoveries are constantly being made in the space sector. Many companies are working to take people to space and bring them home.  So far you have surely seen many 5-star and 7-star hotels with great views on Earth, but have you thought that there can be a hotel that isn’t of the

New iPad Air: Is this the best Apple tablet to buy?

Apple doesn’t rest. As is the case with the new third-generation iPhone SE, which we talked about a few weeks ago, and the brand new 2022 iPad Air, with which the technology company wants to continue grip on tablet market in which it remains the first power.   The device is very resembling in its

Andreessen’s Role in Musk-Twitter Bid sparks Controversy

Andreessen Horowitz, a company investing in technology-related platforms, has announced plans to invest in Elon Musk’s Twitter deal. The company will invest $ 400 million   in a deal worth $ 7.1 billion . Controversy has started after the announcement of this deal by the company. The great thing is that this company is also

Ethereum Merge, Is It Better for Crypto Investors?

Ethereum is the most popular altcoin and the second largest cryptocurrency by volume. As an alternative to bitcoin, this cryptocurrency has built a deep reputation in a short span of time. Now there are reports that Ethereum is planning a software update, which could prove to be a better fit for your crypto investments. You

Earning plan from Twitter: Government and Commercial users may be charged

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, there were fears that Twitter’s service would not be available for free for long. The world’s richest businessman has cleared these fears himself. He has tweeted and said that commercial and government users of this platform will have to spend money for its use. He has also clarified the

Are more than half of Elon Musk’s Twitter followers fake?

Elon Musk Twitter Followers: Are more than half of Elon Musk’s Twitter followers fake? This company made a big claim Are Half of Elon Musk’s Twitter Followers Fake: Are half of the followers of Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and the new owner of Twitter, fake. An online auditing tool company has made a

Best Concrete made of Disposable Masks

Single use masks thrown in the Corona era mixed with cement, made 47% better concrete During the Covid Pandemic, people around the world have used a lot of single use masks. While this mask saved us from virus particles, it also increased the pollution in the environment a lot. However, scientists at Washington State University

Why Facebook is unable to manage User’s Personal Data

Engineers in charge of the advertising system indicate in a document that they have no idea where the user data is, once it has been collected by the social network. It’s a new leaked document that won’t improve Facebook’s bad reputation when it comes to the security of its users’ personal data. A system too

Windows 11 is installed on almost 20% of all Windows devices Globally

The AdDuplex firm has just published its latest report, in which it discusses the rate of adoption of Windows 11. And the figures are rather alarming. To produce its report, AdDuplex relied on data shared by some 5,000 applications from the Microsoft Store, which details in particular on which version of Windows they are used.

 How Amazon uses  Voice Interactions for Targeted Advertising

Coincidence? Previous request? Or are we really being listened to by our connected devices? This might have certainly happened to you before: you discuss a subject with a loved one, and shortly after, advertisements for a product or service relating to it appear in your applications or your web browser. A dozen researchers from the

Which is the Best Wallet for Cryptocurrencies in 2022?

With the explosion of crypto transaction volumes in 2021, any investor concerned about protecting their crypto-currencies must store them in a crypto wallet. Whether hardware (physical) or software (software), a crypto wallet secures your assets better than if you leave them on an exchange platform. Choosing a crypto wallet requires above all to identify your

What does the Legalization of Bitcoin mean for the Entire Crypto Market?

Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency or say digital coin. It was invented in 2008 but the main use started from 2010. Earlier bitcoin was viewed with suspicion but now it has become the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Thousands of companies in the world have adopted bitcoin for transactions. Now bitcoin has

 Bitcoin, how does it work?

 Bitcoin, how does it work? The SII Group and the School of Advanced Digital Technologies (ETNA) have developed a broadcast broadcast on the Internet called Blockchain Revolution. It explains in detail the phenomenon of the blockchain and bitcoin, this cryptographic currency which is much talked about. There are many cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is the one with