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Elon Musk becomes Twitter’s largest Single Shareholder 

Elon Musk buys 9.2% of Twitter and becomes the company’s largest shareholder Twitter said Tuesday in a regulatory filing that it plans to add the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX to its board of directors for a term ending in 2024. As part of the deal, Musk has pledged not to acquire more than 14.9%

April 2, 2022

Team Building Tips for better performing Teams

Cooking workshop, climbing or escape game, teambuilding activities have become part of the habits of human resources managers. They contribute to consolidating teams and must therefore be well thought out and the results analyzed to be worthwhile. Good team bonding in a company is essential.  A cohesive team makes better decisions. Employees also have more

Essential Communication Strategies to grow your Business

Growing your business in a saturated market is a big challenge. As an entrepreneur, you have to work on the visibility of your brand and put in place a marketing strategy that goes straight to the point in order to attract new customers. Here are four winning communication strategies to boost your business growth. Bet

The 10 Important Elements of a Business Plan

A business plan is not just for obtaining financing. It will help you position yourself well against the competition, while keeping you in the right direction. Ultimately, a good business plan will help you make the best decisions. What is a business plan? The definition of a business plan could be summed up as a

 Business Tips: Importance of Financing?

For most businesses, success depends on the quality of their management and finances. Therefore, every businessman must recognize the importance of finance in business. It is also fair to say that without investment, a business can barely exist. Managing finances is one of the parts of any business that gets the most attention. It influences

March 30, 2022

WhatsApp Business Marketing worth watching in 2022

With nearly 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is of obvious interest for business marketing. Still limited, the presence of advertisers could intensify with the provision of new functionalities intended for companies, provided that specialized solutions are used. Marketing on Whatsapp, a not so new practice Until 2019, sending “WhatsApp newsletters” remained a popular gray area

Antitrust: Google accused of Concealing Documents  

The legal war between antitrust authorities and Google is in full swing. The US Department of Justice revealed on March 21 that it had filed a motion in a Washington D.C. court, dated March 8. US accuses Google of concealing documents as part of an illegal monopoly investigation. Employees at all levels trained to mobilize

March 29, 2022

Effect of Ban on Russia! Many Research Projects gets stalled

Effect of ban on Russia! Many research projects stalled, scientists of the world are in trouble without Russian Technology Many countries, including the US, Britain and France, have imposed sanctions against Russia for the attack on Ukraine. In such a situation, concern is being seen in the science world about the boycott of Russia. Russian

Business Tips : How to Run a Profitable Business

Knowing how to run a business can be downright challenging. It could be even more complicated if you have not studied careers related to business administration and management. However, understanding Tis key to making that great entrepreneurial idea you have in mind a reality, making your company grow and ensuring its sustainability over time. While

11 Online Business Ideas

With a little research and some experience, you can start building an online business today. In fact, global e-commerce sales are expected to reach 4.8 billion in 2022 Want to get in on the action? Here are some ideas as well as some tips and tricks to remember.   Freelance Writer Freelance writers spend their

March 28, 2022

Russia Blocks Google News, Cites Ukraine Conflict

Russia blocks Google News; Before this, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have also been banned. Amidst the ongoing war with Ukraine, Russia has banned Google News Service in the country for spreading fake news about the Ukraine war. Russia’s move is believed to be a response to Google’s move to shut down its advertising business in

March 25, 2022

EU targets Big Tech with Controversial New DMA Law

The European Union has prepared the final draft of a new law to stop the arbitrariness of tech companies like Facebook, WhatsApp. Through this, things like banning active criminal activity, misuse of users’ data for their own benefit will be stopped. Also, tech companies that break this law will be fined. Which will be according

March 23, 2022

Google’s Latest App Update allows Users to search Google Photos with a swipe

Google’s latest app update allows users to search Google Photos with a simple swipe up from the Android home screen. If you’re lucky enough to use Android 12, you’ll have already noticed the new universal search feature that Google recently added to the app bundle. From here, you can search for almost anything, including settings,

March 22, 2022

11 Tips for Growing a Successful Business

When we decide to create a business, many doubts arise that we must resolve in the process. There will be questions of a personal nature, as well as doubts regarding the business model.   You will ask yourself things like who will be the clients? What is the market potential? What are the products to

Tips to make Your Business Prosperous and Successful

Tips to make Your Business Prosperous and Successful Organize To get the most out of our company, the first thing we must do is be organized as it will help you complete tasks and be aware of things that we will do in the future. A good help is to create a list of things

Twitter Labels ‘Good’ Bots

  Twitter automated accounts will be able to display a label that helps differentiate them from those managed by humans. This is a new badge that is optional at the moment, but it will help to better classify the types of users within the social network.   These ID tags show a small icon of

Apple iPhone SE (2022) goes on Sale

New iPhone SE, announced last week will go on sale For 529 euros (30 euros more expensive than its predecessor, the 2020 iPhone SE) it offers exactly the same CPU and GPU as an iPhone 13 Pro Max for 1,259 euros. It has fewer cameras, a smaller screen and many other cuts that explain its

March 21, 2022

Tips for Success at Integrated Business Planning

Many professionals have discovered the growing popularity of integrated business planning. In order to properly execute integrated business planning, professionals need to understand what it involves. Integrated business planning is defined as a comprehensive plan that links strategic plans to operational, business and financial planning initiatives taking into account financial objectives and available resources. Integrated

Strategic Planning: A Powerful Development Tool for Companies. 

  Strategic planning is a very useful tool to help you achieve your business objectives and set yourself apart. Regardless of the size of the company, the process allows you to equip yourself with an action plan that serves as a guide for the years to come. We explain what it consists of, the advantages

Instagram Introduces New Safety Tools for Parents in the US

Instagram introduces new safety tools for parents in the US Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has announced new safety tools for parental controls on young users in the US. Parents, tech watchdogs and lawmakers have long urged the company to take more measures to keep teens safe on Instagram, TechCrunch reports. In view of this, the

March 19, 2022

Apple users Beware! Fake apps are stealing Millions

Recently, an online scam named CryptoRom has come to the fore in which millions are being stolen through dating apps.  In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in hacking cases. Recently it has been reported that many such fake apps have been seen on Apple’s latest iPhone, iPhone 13, from which

March 17, 2022

Elon Musk changes his display name on Twitter from Elon to Elona

  Tesla and SpaceX company owner Elon Musk has changed his name to ‘Elona’ on Twitter. In fact, in the midst of the ongoing war in Russia-Ukraine, Elon Musk on Monday tweeted Russian President Vladimir Putin and challenged him to a one-on-one fight. The Director General of Russia’s Space Program had reacted sharply to this.

Russia plans to launch its own Photo-sharing App ‘Rosgram’

Russia plans to launch its own Photo-sharing App Rosgram after being blocked by Instagram After the ban of Instagram, Russia has created its own photo sharing app Rossgram. Which will be launched on March 28. It will have features like crowdfunding and paid access to certain content. Jobov shared a photo on Russia’s social media