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selective focus photography of brown deer standing on green grass field during daytime
June 20, 2024

Understanding and Combating the Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic wasting disease (CWD), a fatal neurological disorder affecting deer and elk, is spreading rapidly across North America, posing significant challenges for wildlife management and raising concerns about potential human transmission. Discovered in Colorado in 1967, CWD has now been detected in 34 states, five Canadian provinces, and four other countries. As it continues to

white and orange scissors on white paper
June 19, 2024

How to Know if an AirTag is Tracking You

Requirements: An iPhone or an Android phone. The steps provided here are specific to iPhone users. If you suspect that someone is using an AirTag to track your movements, both iPhones and Android phones can notify you if an unknown AirTag is detected nearby. If you believe you are being tracked without your consent and

Apple Store shop front
June 17, 2024

Apple Intelligence: A Bold Leap into the Future of Generative AI

Apple has finally revealed its ambitious vision for the future of generative AI, branded as Apple Intelligence. This new initiative spans all of Apple’s platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and macOS, integrating deeply with both native and third-party apps. A key feature of Apple Intelligence is its incorporation of ChatGPT, one of AI’s most powerful tools.

a close up of a mosquito on a white background
June 12, 2024

Las Vegas Faces Record Surge of Mosquitoes Testing Positive for West Nile Virus

Travelers might want to reconsider their summer plans to the Las Vegas area, as Southern Nevada faces an unprecedented surge in mosquito activity, with over 3,000 mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile virus. The Southern Nevada Health District announced in a press release on Monday that as of June 6, 91 mosquito pools, consisting of

man in gray jacket standing on gray concrete road
June 11, 2024

Unveiling the Hidden Danger of the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Beneath the Pacific Ocean off the western coast of the United States lies the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a fault line capable of producing earthquakes exceeding magnitude 8. These quakes can be felt hundreds of miles away, posing significant risks to the region, particularly to the state of Washington. A recent study has identified the most

yellow and red bus on road during daytime
June 8, 2024

Reviving Wrightbus: Leading the Charge in Hydrogen-Powered Public Transport

Wrightbus, a bus manufacturing company based in Northern Ireland, was on the verge of collapse before Jo Bamford, heir to the JCB empire and a hydrogen fuel advocate, intervened. Bamford saw an opportunity to transform the 80-year-old company into a leader in low-emission public transportation. Today, Wrightbus employs 1,650 people, with plans to increase to

black apple device turned on in dim light
January 6, 2024

Razer Unveils Next-Gen Gaming Laptops for CES 2024

In preparation for CES 2024, Razer unveils significant enhancements for its Razer Blade 16 and Razer Blade 18 gaming laptops, signaling its ongoing dedication to technological innovation in gaming. Razer Blade 16: Pioneering 16″ 240Hz OLED Display Razer Blade 16 introduces the industry’s inaugural 16″ 240Hz OLED screen, a result of collaboration with Samsung Display.

white ceramic mug on white table
January 3, 2024

AirTag Helps Recover Stolen Luggage in North Carolina

As per reports from Queen City News, a family arrived at Charlotte Douglas International Airport from Florida and realized that one of their bags was missing from the baggage claim area. Interestingly, the missing bag had an AirTag concealed within. Using this tracking device, they located the bag in Gastonia, North Carolina, not far from

a computer screen with a video game on it

Samsung Unveils New Odyssey Gaming Monitors with Flat OLED Displays

Today, Samsung unveiled two upcoming monitors set to debut at the upcoming CES event in Las Vegas. Historically, the Odyssey series included a blend of curved and flat displays, with the flat variants predominantly using LED tech rather than the superior OLED. The introduction of the Odyssey OLED G8 and Odyssey OLED G6 signifies a

grayscale photo of a wooden floor
January 1, 2024

An earthquake followed by a tsunami strucks Japan on New Year’s Day!

This is not a drill—Japan is currently grappling with a massive natural catastrophe! An earthquake followed by a tsunami has struck the country on New Year’s Day!   #Tsunami waves up to five meters high have reached the west coast of #Japan. — 𝗡 𝗢 𝗜 𝗦 𝗘 (@NoiseAlerts) January 1, 2024  

green frog iphone case beside black samsung android smartphone
October 18, 2023

Android 14 Update Causes Storage Issues for Pixel 6 Series Smartphones

The release of a new operating system version often brings improvements and enhancements to users. However, it also comes with its share of challenges, and Android 14 is no exception to this rule. As we previously reported, the Pixel 6 series experienced improved battery life after updating to Google’s latest OS. Unfortunately, alongside these benefits,

a black and white photo of a jet flying in the sky
October 10, 2023

Unraveling the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Historical Perspective

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with its devastating toll of lives lost and millions displaced, traces its origins back to a colonial event over a century ago. Following an unprecedented attack by the Palestinian armed group Hamas, Israel declared war on the Gaza Strip, once again drawing global attention to the uncertain future of this enduring conflict.

multi colored plastic toy lot
October 1, 2023

Revolutionising Plastic Waste: Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions

Plastics, due to their versatile and durable nature, have become intertwined with modern existence, serving myriad purposes across sectors. However, their resilience has burgeoned into an environmental debacle, with the omnipresence of plastic waste underscoring the urgency for innovative interventions. The enormity of the annual production of plastics, approximated at 300 million tons, coupled with

September 13, 2023

US Space Force Launches Spy Satellites for Outer Space Mission

On Sunday, the US Space Force launched a rocket into space carrying American spy satellites with a mission focused on conducting reconnaissance in outer space, targeting potential adversarial assets that could pose a threat. CBS News reported that these satellites were part of a highly classified payload from the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and were

July 4, 2023

Google’s New Offensive against Fake News: Verifying Images to Ensure Accuracy

In response to increasing pressure from authorities to enhance user protection against fake news, Google has recently introduced the Fact Check Explorer (FCE), a valuable tool for verifying the accuracy of online information. While the tool proves highly practical in an era of rampant misinformation, it does have certain limitations. Presently, it only enables users

June 30, 2023

Google joins Facebook in blocking links to Canadian media sites

Google has announced that it will remove links to social networks in Canada. That’s because of a law recently passed in that country that obliges web giants to pay to associate local media content. Google’s decision marks a failure in negotiations with the federal government and thus joins Meta, which recently announced that Facebook, and

Apple announces the new iOS 17: Know the Features

Apple has just announced the new iOS 17, which according to the company will put more focus on communication. Of course, that also includes the phone app, which is getting a major update. So now there are contact posters, near full-screen images of your contacts on call. It looks a bit like lock screens. These

May 20, 2023

Apple bans employees from using ChatGPT

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining more and more space, company policies are adapting to this new reality. Apple recently sparked a lot of discussion among its employees and the tech industry at large by announcing that generative AI cannot be used for work. This decision had a direct impact on the

March 22, 2023

Google Suspends Pinduoduo App from Play Store Over Malware Concerns

Google has suspended Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo’s app from its Play Store over security concerns and urged customers to uninstall the app from their devices, including any installs made from third-party app stores and other downloads. It is unclear whether other local app stores such as those by Huawei, Xiaomi, and Tencent have taken any

March 21, 2023

Adobe’s Firefly: The AI Tool That Uses Generative AI to Modify Images

Adobe has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Firefly that allows users to quickly modify images by typing in commands. The first model of Firefly focuses on creating images and text effects. For instance, users can highlight an element in a multilayer work of art and Firefly generates different versions of that element using