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Britain to set up a Solar Plant in Space

Britain to set up a Solar Plant in Space UK Government is working on a plan to build a Solar Power Plant in Space. 50 UK engineering organisations, including Airbus and Cambridge University, have joined this government initiative. The UK launched an initiative last year to explore options in this direction. Its goal is to

Space Hotel by 2025: Now Celebrate the Holidays in Space

Space Tourism: New discoveries are constantly being made in the space sector. Many companies are working to take people to space and bring them home.  So far you have surely seen many 5-star and 7-star hotels with great views on Earth, but have you thought that there can be a hotel that isn’t of the


What is NASA’s CAPSTONE campaign, what will it do on the Moon? NASA is preparing for the launch of its Capstone mission this month. A microwave-sized CubeSat weighing only 25 kg will trace the path of the Moon’s orbit. Once in space and before reaching the Moon’s orbit, Capstone will use its propulsion system for

The first image of the fully focused James Webb

The James Webb Space Telescope, the most powerful ever built, is now fully aligned. The observatory, launched last December, is capable of capturing sharp, well-focused images with its four onboard science instruments. In two months, the time needed for the final preparations, he will be ready to do science. The telescope’s alignment across all of

How Satellites are Transported to Space

It is a very difficult task to bring any object outside the Earth into space. In this, it is very important for the object to be free from the effect of Earth’s gravity. In contrast to this huge force, going to space also requires a lot of fuel and special technology. For this, instead of

SpaceX conquering Space

Oscar-winning director couple Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin’s SpaceX foray orbits the ‘Demo-2’ flight, launched in May 2020, which for the first time carried two astronauts aboard a commercial rocket to the Space Station International. Thanks to this Experiment, SpaceX, the project of billionaire Elon Musk, now benefits from contracts with NASA to supply

New Technology : 3D Printed Mini-Rockets for Nano-Satellites

The global space sector is currently struggling to meet the launch demands of nano-satellites for commercial use. In order to be able to transport them as quickly as possible into low Earth orbit, a young French company has decided to develop micro-launchers and 3D printed rocket engines. Transporting up to 100 kg of nano-satellites at

NASA’s Hubble Telescope Discovers the Oldest and Farthest Star

NASA’s Hubble Telescope Discovers the Oldest and Farthest Star Arendelle’s mass  which is millions of times brighter than our Sun. Astronomers have discovered the most distant and oldest star ever observed in the universe. This star shined 12.9 billion years ago too. Light from this star must have traveled 12.9 billion light-years to reach Earth.

World’s First Space Hotel to be Built by 2027

In the coming 5 years, the Space Hotel will be ready in space. This project is being prepared by the Gateway Foundation. Opening in 2027, this hotel will get to do a variety of activities in low-gravity.  Everyone has the desire to travel. Everyone loves to visit new places. During this time people want to

SpaceX’s First Orbital Launch of Starship in May this year! 

SpaceX company owner Elon Musk has said that If all goes well, the first orbital launch of the Starship rocket will take place in the month of May. That is, this vehicle will come back to the low orbit of the earth and land safely. In the future, there is a plan to send astronauts

 Why Scientists were surprised to know the Speed of Sound on Mars  

Sound cannot be heard everywhere, for this it is necessary to have a medium and its temperature and density vary its speed. That’s why scientists were assuming that the experience of hearing sound on the surface of Mars should be somewhat different. NASA scientists measured the speed of sound on Mars through the Supercam microphone

Anti Universe : Where time runs backwards

Anti Universe Where time runs backwards    There exists such a world, where the wheel of time moves in reverse? Scientist also surprised. In this era of advanced technology, research about the earth and the universe has been going on for many decades. Despite this, scientists say that there is much that remains to be

Nicolinha : An 8-year-old Space Ranger

Nicolinha is a celebrity in Brazil because at her age she has been able to detect 18 new asteroids within a training program supported by NASA When Nicole Oliveira began to take her first steps, she extended her arms to the sky, trying to catch the stars. Now, at just eight years old, this Brazilian

The Mysterious Planet 9

For several years, researchers around the world have been trying to find out the existence of a ninth planet within the Solar System. Until now, we only have eight qualified planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto was kicked out of the rankings in 2006 and has been dubbed a ‘dwarf

NASA planning to Develop a Space “Shotgun” 

It’s no secret that wandering asteroids pose a huge threat to our civilization. The impact of a cosmic behemoth could wipe out much life on Earth. But NASA does not hear it that way; no question of letting humanity suffer the same disastrous fate as the dinosaurs, about 65 million years ago. And to be

China aims to complete Space Station by end of 2022

On Friday, March 4, Zhou Jianping, a Chinese manned space program official, said construction of the Chinese Space Station will be completed by the end of the year. This space station will take its final T-shaped configuration. It should operate for at least ten years at an altitude of between 340 and 450 kilometers.  

Scientists claims Abandoned Rocket Hits Moon  

 Abandoned Rocket Hits Moon: This three-ton rocket fragment has been tracked for many years, but its origin is disputed. Astronomers first said that the rocket debris could be related to Elon Musk’s SpaceX firm, then said it was part of a Chinese rocket.   Scientists believe that the part weighing about 3 tons, which broke

Interesting Revelations For The First Time About  Planet ‘Jupiter’

In a special study of the hot Jupiter exoplanet, researchers have studied its always-day part along with its always-night part. For the first time in such a detailed study, the study of the atmosphere of both parts of the planet has shown that along with steam in its atmosphere, there are also clouds of minerals

Scientists Planning Lunar Village on Moon

The European Space Agency plans to develop a technology to extract oxygen from the moon’s stones. Humans have been dreaming of life on the moon for centuries, but now scientists have found a way for it and its blueprint is being prepared. There is no other star as beautiful as the moon to the people

Asteroid 130 Elektra Moon: An Asteroid with three Moons

  Scientists in Thailand have discovered an asteroid that has 3 moons. This is the first time in the universe that an asteroid has 3 moons.   This  celestial rock is 257 km wide and was first discovered in the 19th century. Now this unique asteroid has been identified as the first quadruple system in space.

‘Pepperoni’ Storms on Jupiter! 

US space agency NASA recently shared a video on social media. This date was February 10, on which pizza lovers celebrate as ‘National Pizza Day’ in many countries. In a video shared by NASA of the storm that erupted on Jupiter that day, something special was being created, which was especially connecting with Pizza Day