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DeepMind Launches ‘Gato’ an AI that can perform hundreds of Tasks

The great challenge in the field of AI is developing a system that integrates an artificial general intelligence, or AGI. Such a system must be able to understand and master any task that a human being would be capable of. However, this week the DeepMind research lab just announced the release of Gato, an AI

First Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell Aircraft sets a New World Record

7,230 feet! This is the new altitude record for a hydrogen aircraft. The German manufacturer H2FLY accomplished this on April 13 with its four-seat aircraft HY4. The aircraft also set a second record, that of the first flight of a hydrogen aircraft between two commercial airports. On April 12, the HY4 covered 124 kilometers between

Amazing Innovation : Heart Attack will be cured by altering DNA

Plenty of  medications are available in the market reduce high cholesterol in the body, but certainly none can save a patient from having a heart attack. The US biotech company Verve Therapeutics has now found the solution to this problem. By changing the DNA, bad cholesterol can be prevented from accumulating in the body, the

Scientists develop Plastic-eating Enzyme

Plastic-eating enzyme: Scientists have created a new mutation of the enzyme called PETase.    It breaks down the plastic and makes it so bacteria eat and eat it. The biggest thing is that this enzyme can do all the work of plastic even at a temperature below 50 degrees. Nowadays, plastic is used in almost

Brazilian Scientists create a Unique Smartwatch made for Plants

Human beings sow the plants, but often forget to water them at the right time. Scientists have now found a solution to this problem. Researchers at the Brazilian National Laboratory of Nanotechnology have created a smartwatch that will be worn by plants, not humans. With its help, plants will be able to tell us when

What is the “Quantum Apocalypse”

What is the “quantum apocalypse” (and how much can it threaten our way of life) This chip, from the German firm Q.ant, is designed to facilitate optical data processing for quantum technology. Imagine a world where encrypted secret files are suddenly opened, something known as “the quantum apocalypse.” Simply put, quantum computers work completely differently

Myths and Facts about Quantum Computers

In October 2019, quantum computing dominated news headlines around the world for several days. A team of researchers from the tech giant Google had managed to achieve quantum supremacy, beating the largest supercomputers on the planet with a quantum computer. Not only that, but the time difference was simply staggering: a few minutes versus the

Scientist creates Smart Fabric that detects Sound

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientist Wei Yan has designed a new type of fabric, which acts as a mic and speaker. It easily captures the words coming out of the mouth, the chirping of birds and the sounds of flying leaves. According to this research published in the journal Nature, these sound-hearing fibers are

Why is Apple’s Studio Display so thick?

The Studio Display is Apple’s latest external screen, presented during its keynote broadcast last March. It accompanies the Mac Studio, a compact computer for the needs of creatives and freelancers. The engineers of the Apple brand decided to insert the power supply on the back of the screen, which leads to a thickening of the

The First Hospital in the Metaverse

Once explored for the worlds of entertainment and recreation, the metaverse according to Simango will provide a more immersive, collaborative and interactive learning experience for healthcare professionals. Imagine a completely virtual healthcare establishment that allows avatars to be immersed in situation to train in its different areas such as the operating room, the patient’s room,

Molten Salt Battery keeps all its Energy in Hibernation

American researchers have developed a new molten salt battery that retains its charge when cooled. Thus, it could be used to accumulate excess electricity production during a season to release it later in the year. The most common type of battery is the lithium-ion battery. Several technologies are in the running to replace it. Molten

Tesla CEO Elon Musk may become the new owner of Twitter soon

Tesla CEO Elon Musk may become the new owner of Twitter from tonight. According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter is reconsidering the deal that Elon Musk offered to buy this social media site. Twitter shares are up 5.3% in premarket trading amid the news. At the same time, according to the report of Bloomberg

REvil Ransomware gang’s ‘Return’ raises concern

Would Revil do the endless hit of the day? First disappeared in the middle of last summer before returning a few weeks later, the Revil gang was then knocked out by an international coalition. Before suffering a few weeks later a dragnet on its members last November. A blow – but not fatal – since

Cybercriminals have shifted from Wire Transfer fraud to targeting Market Data, according to a VMware report.

Cybercriminals have shifted from wire transfer fraud to targeting market data, and their ransomware continues to hit financial firms, according to a VMware report. The target does not change, but the methods do. According to VMware’s latest Modern Bank Heists report, financial institutions have faced increasingly complex cyber threats in recent years, and cybercriminal gangs

Zoom unveils its Revamped Whiteboard Tool

Video conferencing company Zoom has revamped its Whiteboard product to work on a wider variety of devices and apps. Whiteboard builds on the existing basic in-meeting whiteboard functionality and extends it to a variety of devices, including in a browser or via apps for tablets or desktops. It also integrates with Zoom’s Meetings and Rooms

Apple releases Major free update to iMovie, its Video Editing Software

Apple’s famous video editing software reaches an important milestone on iPad and iPhone. This 3.0 update brings two big new features, all geared towards amateurs and apprentice videographers. From the Mac in 1999 to the iPad or iPhone today, iMovie, Apple’s consumer video editing software has come a long way. Became free over the years,

Lotus Eletre: An Electric SUV with a 15.1-inch OLED Screen  

Lotus Eletre, breaking Odds Lotus has always been characterized for making very low and light sports cars, with enviable driving dynamics. With growing competition in Auto Industry  if a brand wants to be profitable, it has no choice but to jump through hoops. Porsche was the first with its Cayenne and, little by little, Lamborghini,

Galileo, the “European GPS”

The “European GPS” Galileo is open to billions of devices worldwide. It gives Europe autonomy in terms of satellite positioning services. Today, nearly a thousand smartphones can connect to it and allow geolocation. These are not the selection criteria that are lacking when it comes to choosing a new smartphone: screen size, storage capacity, price,

Technology: Its Responsibility for a Greener Future

The craze for faster, smarter and more innovative technologies has resulted in the launch of a new generation of iPhone every year; Smart watches and bracelets that track our state of health in real time; and through file sharing via cloud computing and video platforms that keep people working remotely connected and productive during a

Superyachts and Cybersecurity

 Superyachts  are  facing anonymous cyberattacks from a new breed of hackers. These themes were notably addressed during the 28th edition of the Dubai International Boat Show.   The Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), returning this year after a hiatus due to the global pandemic, is a key event in the annual luxury boating calendar and

New Technology : 3D Printed Mini-Rockets for Nano-Satellites

The global space sector is currently struggling to meet the launch demands of nano-satellites for commercial use. In order to be able to transport them as quickly as possible into low Earth orbit, a young French company has decided to develop micro-launchers and 3D printed rocket engines. Transporting up to 100 kg of nano-satellites at

Big Data in the Real Estate

Surely in the last year you have heard about Big Data, but do you really know what Big Data is? Can Big Data be applied to the Real Estate sector? What is the big data? Big Data is called the storage and management of an immense amount of data from different sources, with the aim

Smart Home Cybersecurity: What measures should you take?

Technology is being implemented in homes to make life easier, but if the appropriate measures are not taken, a smart home can become a headache. A smart home offers you peace of mind, comfort and efficiency. With your smartphone acting as a control center, you can remotely monitor video cameras, lock or unlock doors, turn

Hydrogen Car Vs Electric Car: Which is more Ecological? 

Two technologies compete for zero emission cars: on the one hand, the electric car with batteries; on the other, the car that uses hydrogen as fuel. But are these vehicles really ecological? Which is more virtuous? Conceptually, the electric car and the hydrogen car are two zero-carbon technologies: the electric motor powers the car while

Cryptojacking: How to Protect Yourself? 

Cryptojacking is the unauthorized use of another person’s computer to mine cryptocurrencies. To do this, hackers either trick the victim into clicking on a malicious link in an email that loads cryptomining software onto the computer, or they infect a website or online advertisement with JavaScript code that runs automatically once loaded in the victim’s