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February 14, 2022

 The Best Nocode Tools To Start A Business

Do you know the NoCode Philosophy? It is a form of Entrepreneurship that seeks to replace the need to know how to program with tools that do the Programming work for you. This new trend is allowing many people to set up their own Digital Companies, because they greatly facilitate Development Work (be it web

iPhone Secret Feature lets you Identify the Song Playing Around

iPhone Unique Feature: This iPhone music trick will give complete information about any song playing around in a minute   iPhone is famous among people due to its safety and unique features. There are many such features in the iPhone, which are not known to everyone. Today we will tell you about one such feature.

February 12, 2022

Black Hawk Helicopter fly without a Pilot

America’s  Black Hawk Helicopter Creates history in the World of Automation and Warfare. Black Hawk helicopter successfully flew without a pilot for the first time. This helicopter flew 115 to 125 miles on 5 February at an altitude of about 4000 feet  at the speed of one hour and added a new chapter in the

February 7, 2022

China developing Hypersonic Aircraft.  

China developing Hypersonic Aircraft.   China is spending big money on developing Hypersonic Aircraft. The Chinese company has presented a plan for such a Hypersonic Aircraft that can fly from Beijing to New York and reach in just one hour. This aircraft can cover a distance of 11265 KM in an hour. It is also being

Neuroscientists develops Technology that allows Quadriplegics to Walk 

Three people who had become paraplegic after motorcycle accidents have managed to get back on their feet and take a few steps. Thanks to a surgical intervention to implant electrodes directly on his spinal cord. All three participants had lost all ability to move in their lower limbs and trunk due to complete spinal severing.

Google develops AI capable of Creative Programming 

The AlphaCode system, developed by Google, uses artificial intelligence to program ‘software’.   The dream (or nightmare) of machines programming by themselves is one step closer to becoming a reality. DeepMind, the leading company for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) systems acquired by Google in 2014, presented AlphaCode, a tool capable of writing code

February 3, 2022

Apple Inc. Files Patent For Unique Sunroof that Changes Opacity

Rumors since past several years  have hinted that Apple is  been working on its Electric Car that could compete against the giant market leaders like Tesla . And the most recent rumor talks about the sunroof that’ll be on this Car. Apple Inc. recently Filed Patent For Unique Sunroof that Changes Opacity In its Future

February 2, 2022

First Time in World : Robot successfully performs Pig Surgery without human help

The Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (Star) has done wonders. This robot  successfully performed Pig Surgery without the help of any human. Initially, this surgery was finding it difficult even for doctors, but it was carried out by robots. According to the report, recently a robot at Johns Hopkins University did an operation on its own

January 29, 2022

NASA developing Drone that will Predict Volcanic Eruptions

The Volcanic Eruption of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean is a very rare event, due to which scientists want to study it in depth. For this, they are taking the help of special types of drones. In this, a drone unmanned aircraft system named S2 has been developed in collaboration with NASA, which will be

January 28, 2022

Scientists Develop Software to Rapidly Detect Epidemics 

Researchers at Georgia State University have created lightning-fast computer software. This software is capable of detecting epidemics before they spread around the world. It can also help in detecting the pandemic caused by Covid-19. It is also helpful in tracking and analysing epidemics in different countries.   The team of computer science and mathematics researchers

Can Human Organs Grow on their Own?

Can human organs grow on their own like animals? The answer to this question has been sought for centuries. Now scientists have told the exact thing about this by doing an  Taking inspiration from te natural ability of some organisms like lizards and starfish to regenerate organs, scientists are working on how this can be

Elon Musk furious for not being invited to the ‘EV Summit’

Musk furious for not being invited to the meeting: Tesla CEO said – Biden is a puppet in human form, he is thinking of Americans as stupid Elon Musk never supported Biden and the Democratic Party.  Tesla CEO Elon Musk is once again angry with US President Joe Biden. This time the outrage is so

January 25, 2022

Meta’s Supercomputer:   World’s Fastest AI Computer 

Last year hasn’t been good for Facebook. Due to the disputes related to the policy, there were many scars in his forehead. However, the company did make some changes by giving Facebook the name of Meta. Now Meta has prepared Artificial Intelligence Computer. The company says that it will be the world’s fastest supercomputer. This

January 22, 2022

Apple gives 8 Reasons for Android users to Switch to iPhone 

Apple has started a campaign to switch to iPhone for Android users. The company has highlighted 8 such reasons why one should switch from Android to iPhone. Apple says that the iPhone is more secure. Also, in terms of speed, the Android phone does not stand in front of it. So let’s look at the

World’s Fastest E-Aircraft: Rolls-Royce’s ‘Spirit of Innovation’

Rolls-Royce’s e-aircraft has set a new record. The company’s all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ aircraft is officially the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft. It has set two new world records, which have now been confirmed. This aircraft managed to fly at a speed of 555.9kmph for a distance of 3 kms. With this aircraft, the company has

January 18, 2022

 China Planning to make Artificial Moon with Zero Gravity.

Chinese scientists had claimed that their fake moon would be cheaper than the cost of street lights. In an area of ​​50 square kilometers, simulated moonlight will save 1.2 billion yuan, or $173 million, in electricity costs every year.   China is moving fast on its ambition to rule the world. After the fake sun, now

January 17, 2022

Live Translated Captions Beta: Amazing feature in Google Meet!  

Google Meet has started rolling out Live Translated Captions widely. It has been started after testing the feature. If the meeting is conducted by a user in beta or eligible Google Workspace Edition, meeting participants will be able to use live translated captions. The live translated captions beta will be open for the next several

January 15, 2022

Magniber Ransomware being delivered via Google’s Chrome Browser as an Update

Whenever an update comes on a computer, smartphone or other device, then it is better i.e. its security level is updated. The bug is fixed. The risk of virus or malware attack is reduced. However, the update of Google’s Chrome browser is increasing people’s troubles. After updating it, a ransomware is coming in the system,

January 13, 2022

This Robotic Eyeball will act as Third Eye

The scientist has created such a device that works like the third eye of a human. Known as the third eye, this device is very useful for those people who keep their eyes on the mobile screen even while walking on the way. Man’s third eye! Let us tell you that the name of the

January 11, 2022

Ameca: The Humanoid Robot

The world’s largest consumer electronics show (CES 2022) got a glimpse of many unique gadgets. A human robot was also involved in this. Its name is Ameca. It is also being called the future face of the robot. It has been given a face like a woman. The special thing about this robot is that