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CBD Pain Relief: Best CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia and Other Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you’re not alone — you’re in the same boat with 50 million other US adults. There are also 20 million others who deal with high-impact chronic pain.

Many types of chronic pain, however, usually affect a certain part of the body, such as the back or the knees. Unfortunately, the condition called fibromyalgia causes widespread — as in entire body pain. Its root cause remains unknown, but it affects 4 million people in the US.

If you have this condition, there’s still hope. You may be able to find relief with the best CBD oil for fibromyalgia.

What exactly is CBD though and how can it help treat the pain caused by fibromyalgia? What other pain conditions can CBD oil help with?

Keep reading to find out more.

Fibromyalgia 101, What It Is and Who Can Get It

Fibromyalgia is one of the most debilitating pain conditions as it causes pain all over the body. As if the pain isn’t enough, those with this disorder also often have sleep and mood issues. They also feel tired all the time, and in many cases, they suffer from memory problems.

Fibromyalgia also appears to trigger allodynia or heightened pain sensitivity. As a result, something that isn’t painful to most people will already feel quite painful. The increased sensitivity also amplifies the pain.

It’s because of these symptoms that fibromyalgia affects both the body and the brain.

As for who’s at risk, both men and women are. Studies, however, show that women are twice more likely to develop it than men.

In the general population, fibromyalgia is more common among those who are obese. People who smoke or who suffer from a rheumatic condition also seem to be at a higher risk.

A Quick Look At CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the 400+ compounds found in the cannabis plant. It’s the second-most abundant compound in cannabis, the first being THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It’s a specific type of cannabinoid that occurs in more than 60 different kinds in the cannabis plant.

That said, CBD oil is an extract of cannabidiol mixed with a carrier oil.

Cannabinoids, by the way, are natural chemicals that cannabis and humans produce. Phytocannabinoids are those that the cannabis plant generates. Whereas endocannabinoids are those that the human body manufactures on its own.

Phytocannabinoids are the compounds responsible for the cannabis plant’s recreational and therapeutic properties. CBD, however, only seems to have the latter, as it doesn’t make one feel “intoxicated”. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the “high” that cannabis users get.

Both CBD and THC exhibit powerful anti-inflammatory benefits though. Numerous research has also found proof that these cannabinoids can help ease pain. However, since THC is psychoactive, more people prefer to use CBD oil for pain.

The Effects of CBD Oil on Pain

The analgesic or pain-relieving effects of CBD is one of the biggest drivers for its use. CBD seems to counter pain by disrupting the nerve pathways involved in pain. This interference with the pathways may be the key to how it relieves pain.

CBD may also help treat pain conditions that arise from inflammation. For instance, this study found that CBD eased arthritic pain caused by inflammation. The swelling also decreased, and as such, the study’s rat models became more mobile.

CBD also appears to have nerve-protectant properties. Damaged nerves are prevalent in many types of pain disorders. This may also help explain how CBD oil can help reduce pain.

Researchers also suggest that endocannabinoid deficiency may be a cause of chronic pain. As such, taking CBD may help “replenish” the body’s supply of endocannabinoids. In this way, the best CBD for pain may then alleviate chronic pain.

What Science Has To Say on CBD Use for Fibromyalgia

There are fewer studies done specifically on fibromyalgia, and definitely more are needed. However, one study found that it can help lessen fibromyalgia-associated pain.

In another recent study, CBD appears to counteract cell hypersensitivity. These cells are common in the areas that surround the nerves of people with chronic pain. The same goes for those who suffer from fibromyalgia.

By counteracting these cells, CBD oil may then help reduce their sensitivity to pain. This decreased sensitivity may then also lessen the pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Another study looked at the effects of cannabis consumption on fibromyalgia patients. A staggering 94% of the patients said that they experienced pain relief. Another 93% said that they slept better, both in duration and quality.

While this study isn’t specific to CBD, it still points to how it may help with pain conditions. Remember: CBD is very abundant in cannabis. So, it’s highly likely that it played a huge role in improving the pain and sleep of fibromyalgia patients.

Choosing the Best CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia

At this point, you’re likely asking, what is the best CBD oil for pain and fibromyalgia relief?

This depends, but most would agree that the best CBD oil brands have products that undergo lab tests. Third-party laboratories should also have carried out these tests for unbiased results. These tests ensure that a CBD product is free from contaminants.

More than that, these tests confirm that CBD products do contain what they claim they do. They also check for the presence of other active ingredients, especially THC. While THC also carries benefits, it’s still illegal in many states.

That said, you may want to check out these options, as they are all lab-tested CBD products. Many of them also contain less than 0.3% THC, which means that they’re legal in most states.

Consider Using the Best CBD Oil for Pain Disorders Now

There you have it, the most important facts you need to know about CBD oil and pain. While there’s a need for more studies, current findings show how promising CBD is. Besides, cannabidiol seems to be even more effective as an antioxidant than vitamins C and D.

That said, you still want to choose only the best CBD oil for fibromyalgia or other pain conditions. Reading reviews and third-party lab tests will help you filter your options.

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