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Chinese Rover Yutu-2, Discovers a ‘Mysterious’ Cube-Shaped Object.On The Moon’

China’s Yutu 2 rover on the Moon has seen a mysterious object in a remote area. This object has been seen near the far side of the Moon, the Von Karman crater. This mysterious figure is visible far away from the rover and its shape is square. Chinese scientists have started searching for this mysterious figure.

China revealed in Yutu 2 diary

This incident has been told in the Yutu 2 diary, published on the Chinese science channel Our Space, working with China’s space agency National Space Administration (CNSA). The diary said that Yutu 2 saw a cube-shaped object on the horizon to the north of the Moon. The object was about 260 feet (80 m) away during the mission’s 36th lunar day in November.

China is investigating the soil brought from the Moon, said – we got clues related to the activity of the volcano

Scientists named mysterious hut

Our Space said that we named this object the “mysterious hut” (Shenmei Jiaowu)). The name is symbolic, as we do not know what it is. Scientists associated with the Yutu-2 mission have also expressed surprise at this mysterious object. He said that in the next 2-3 lunar days, we will try to take this rover out of the crater and take it closer to that mysterious object. With this we can get a closer picture of this cube-shaped object.

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