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Chinese Scientists Claim: 40% Of Corona Patients Do Not Have A Single Symptom

With the increasing pace of vaccination, symptoms of corona are being seen in some people. According to research by Peking University of China, 4 out of 10 corona infected do not have a single symptom of the disease. This also dodges the temperature measuring machines. Scientists say that such patients are unable to get their test done due to lack of detection of infection. This makes it even more difficult to stop the virus from spreading.


Due to no symptoms of corona in people


Usually, corona patients complain of dry cough, fever and pneumonia. But, some people fall prey to this virus without any symptoms. According to experts, there are four reasons for this.


  • Strengthening of people’s immune system.
  • More vaccinations.
  • Following the covid protocol.
  • Persistent mutating of the virus.


What does research say


Chinese scientists reviewed 95 studies in their research. This review included data of about 3 crore people. Of these, 35 were in Europe, 32 in North America, and 25 in Asia. Corona patients without symptoms were identified in the research.



Of those involved in the research, 11,516 or 0.25% were infected with the virus.

  • Of the corona positive patients, 40.5% had no symptoms of the disease.
  • The highest number of 54.11% of those infected were pregnant women.
  • These were followed by people traveling in airplanes/cruises and health care workers.
  • The fewest or non-existent symptoms were in people over the age of 60.
  • Infection rates were higher in people under the age of 20.
  • Cases without symptoms of corona were found in most developed countries.



In research, scientists have suggested that to avoid community transmission, it is necessary to do maximum testing of the general public. Along with this, it is also necessary to conduct continuous testing of health care workers, because they are at highest risk of infection.


Apart from this, symptoms like headache, cold, cough and fever have now become common in corona. But still they should not be taken lightly. Getting vaccinated and following the corona protocol are still the most effective ways to prevent infection.

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