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Climate Change: Ship Traffic is a threat to the Ancient Marine Ecosystem of Antarctica.

The latest research on Antarctica has revealed that due to increasing ship traffic here, the ecosystem can change and glaciers larger in size than England can break up and flow into the sea. If this happens then it can become a big threat to the world.

Excessive ship movement threatens Antarctica’s ancient marine ecosystem
According to the report, a new research has claimed that ship traffic is a threat to the ancient marine ecosystem of Antarctica. This research is published in ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America’ (PNAS).

Because of this the movement is increasing
This movement of the ship is happening due to reasons related to fishing, tourism, research and supply, which is causing human impact on the Antarctic continent.

Leading researcher Early McCarthy from the University of Cambridge said that if this continues, then the wonderful animals will have to hide elsewhere, which is a very difficult task.

 Ship traffic has increased seven times already

This movement of ships has been seven times greater for the Antarctic Peninsula (particularly east of Anvers Island) and for the South Shetland Islands than for other locations around Antarctica.

In this study, scientists have identified ports outside Antarctica where biosecurity can help control the increasing activities. With the help of these ports, it will help in preventing unnecessary ships from entering this area.

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