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Collection of Great Reads for Students

If you want to be an all-round student, you have to read widely. While in college, don’t restrict your reading list to your coursework alone. Make sure you find amazing reads that will expand your thinking capacity.

Reading is the only guaranteed way of acquiring knowledge. You can listen to people talk, but they might not mention everything they learned.

So how do you add good reads to your collection? Well, thanks to the internet, you can research a book before you decide to buy it or take a look at essayshark review. Online stores like Amazon even have review sections, so you know what other readers had to say about the book.

Another way of adding books to your collection is by getting recommendations from friends. If a friend likes a specific book, chances are you’ll like it too, especially if the two of you have the same taste in books.

Building a reading culture ensures that you’re always on the know. In today’s era of technology, many people hardly have the time to read. Individuals have a short attention span because there is much to look at on social media. Even though we live in an informative era, many end up believing lies because they never take their time to confirm information.

Here is how to add great reads to your reading collection.

1. Borrow Books from the School Library

You don’t always have to buy books to get something to read. As a student, you should leverage the resources at your disposal.

Visit the library, peruse through books, and see which one would interest you. When you borrow a book, make sure you take care of it to avoid paying library fines. Remember, you’re not the last person why will read that book. When other people borrow it, they expect to find the book in good condition.

2. Borrow Friends

Aside from going to the library, you can also borrow books from your friends. Don’t mishandle books you borrow because the owners spend money on them.

Take care of it as if it were yours and don’t lend it to someone else unless the owner agrees to this. Many people with great book collections fear to lend them to friends because many don’t even bother to return books.

3. Buy your own Books

If you want to build a library, you should consider buying books. If the new copies are too expensive, consider buying second-hand books. After all, old or new, you still get access to the same information.

That said, don’t go for a book that is so old that it’s no longer presentable. You want your book collection to be aesthetically appealing.

4. Download e-Books

Who said a book collection has to be comprised of hard copy books alone? You can always download e-books if the hardcopy version is too expensive.

There are many authors who actually now sell soft copy books at a discounted price. This is excellent because you get to carry your book collection wherever you go.

5. Gifts from Friends

You can have an agreement with your friends, where people mention what they want to be gifted. This is an excellent gifting system because you won’t end up buying something your friend has no use for.

You can tell your friend the book you want as your birthday, or Christmas gift. This way, you get to grow your book collection. Gifts are more valuable when they mean something to you.

Instead of adding one more piece of jewelry to your already overflowing collection, you get a book that will most definitely expand your thinking capacity.


As you can see, there are so many ways of getting your hands on great reads. Reading books expands your thinking capacity.

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