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Dart Mission: NASA Has Dispatched Its Spacecraft To Collide With The Asteroid

The US space agency NASA has dispatched its spacecraft to collide with the asteroid. NASA has named it the DART mission. The purpose of this mission is to save the earth from the rocks that cause havoc coming from space. The spacecraft has been sent to space by Elon Musk’s rocket Falcon 9.



The name of the asteroid with which the spacecraft is going to collide is Dimorphos. It is a space rock filled with dust moving in the solar system, which is about 169 meters in length and half a mile in width.




Asteroid is orbiting another asteroid bigger than itself, Didymos. The DART spacecraft will be ready to hit Dimorphous at the end of 2022. At that time this asteroid will be about 7 million miles from Earth.




Through this mission, the space agency is trying to find out how difficult it is to remove the huge celestial rock coming towards Earth from its path. The Dart mission will tell how to destroy the dangerous asteroid coming towards the Earth in the future.


The spacecraft left California on Wednesday to collide with the Dimorphos asteroid. Through this mission, an attempt will be made to change the path of the asteroid. Dart is designed for the Double Asteroid Redirection Test.




According to scientists, every day many small and big asteroids enter the Earth’s orbit. Most of these are destroyed due to the friction of the atmosphere, but many such asteroids are still present in space, which can threaten the Earth.


Will the direction of the dimorphic change?


The spacecraft will collide with the Dimorphic asteroid and scientists hope that this collision will change the direction and speed of the asteroid. Although the Asteroid Dimorphos is not a threat to the Earth, if this experiment is successful, then in the future, the US Space Agency NASA can change the direction of the dangerous asteroid coming towards Earth.

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