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Dartford Wildlife Activist Carly Ahlen files complaint against Swan’s Killer

 A lake in Britain has been termed by the people as the Lake of Horror. In fact, famous wildlife activist and rescuer Carly Ahlen has filed her complaint expressing displeasure after the murder of four beautiful and voiceless. Ahlen says that a ‘serial killer’ is mercilessly killing those animals, leaving evidence of his cruelty all over the area.

Ahlen believes that the killing of beautiful birds especially ducks, swans and foxes in this lake is not the handiwork of any other animal but of a human. So far, they have found four animals in a mutilated condition near this lake in South-East London. Here Swan was beheaded and left in the same condition. Ahlen has also gathered some evidence after examining the entire lake. She went around like a forensic expert and made the pictures of carcasses of wild animals viral all over the country.


Ahlen said, ‘I am angry with the hunting of protected species of birds, this is a big crime. This should not happen with swans. I see wildlife crimes going down almost every day. Such attacks shook me. I love swans very much and killing them like this is destructive. How can a human being do this? Those poor people who can’t even save themselves were killed. Ahlen plans to catch such killers red-handed by announcing to fit CCTV cameras around the lake with the help of his Wildlife Foundation.

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