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Detecting Unauthorized AirTag Tracking

To determine if an AirTag is tracking your movements without permission, follow these steps using your iPhone or Android device. It’s crucial to stay vigilant and take action if you suspect any unauthorized tracking.

  1. If someone is tracking you with an AirTag, your iPhone may display an alert stating “AirTag found moving with you.” This notification occurs when the AirTag is separated from its owner, and your iPhone is awake.
  2. To receive alerts, ensure your tracking notifications are activated:
    • Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
    • Enable Location Services and go to System Services.
    • Activate Find My iPhone and Significant Locations.
    • In Settings, select Bluetooth and turn it on.
    • Open the Find My app, tap on yourself, and enable Tracking Notifications.
  3.  If you suspect an AirTag’s presence, open the Find My app on your iPhone. Ensure the second step is completed, and check if an AirTag is detected.
  4. After receiving an alert, use the Find My app to play a sound on the AirTag. This option helps you locate the device if it’s nearby. Note that precision finding is available on specific iPhone models.
  5. When you locate the AirTag, use your iPhone or NFC-enabled smartphone to scan it. Obtain information such as the AirTag’s serial number and the last four digits of the owner’s phone number.
  6. If needed, disable the AirTag by removing its battery. This action prevents the owner from tracking its location. If safety concerns arise, document the process, contact law enforcement, and surrender the disabled AirTag to authorities.
  7. For Android users, Google provides ‘unknown tracker alerts’ for AirTag tracking. If an AirTag is detected, your Android phone will notify you without alerting the owner.
  8. Apple AirTags prioritize privacy, regularly changing Bluetooth identifiers, and featuring end-to-end encryption on the Find My network. While tracking is secure, individuals may hear the AirTag and access contact information via NFC if it’s separated from its owner.


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