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Devolo announces new Wi-Fi 6 Mesh repeaters

Devolo announces two new Wi-Fi 6 repeaters: the devolo Wi-Fi 6 Repeater 3000 and the devolo Wi-Fi 6 Repeater 5400. Both combine Wi-Fi 6 with smart mesh functionality and are ready to use.

And like all repeaters on the market, these new repeaters from devolo are designed to quickly and easily expand the home WLAN with high performance and intelligence. Whether entertainment, work or daily maintenance at home, applications now require so much bandwidth that many WLAN routers are starting to run out of breath. If the 4K stream lags, the video conference connection drops, or the online game suddenly becomes unresponsive, it’s time for an upgrade.

The new devolo Wi-Fi 6 repeaters solve these problems in no time and are perfect for medium-sized spaces or to fill Wi-Fi gaps on a given floor – all in a simple way and with speeds up to 3000 Mbps or 5400 Mbps, in model function, together with any router and all devices.

One of its main features is OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access). Wi-Fi 6 is also highly efficient in controlling wireless communication and if devices don’t need a constant connection at the moment “put them to sleep” for a longer duration. This process of regularly turning off the Wi-Fi connection saves battery capacity and will be very important from now on, particularly for battery powered smart home devices.

The new repeaters from devolos also support BSS coloring (Basic Service Set Coloring) to minimize interference, particularly in very dense WiFi environments such as urban centers and apartment buildings with more and more WiFi access points. ). This allows multiple Wi-Fi 6 access points to use the same Wi-Fi frequency band at the same time. This increases overall performance and stability.

Smart mesh WiFi

In addition to the advantages of Wi-Fi 6, the new repeaters bring devolo’s intelligent mesh functions. WiFi mesh is a wireless network of multiple access points that work together to create a dense home network. The new repeaters from devolos can accept the access data from the router simply by pressing a button (WPS function). The advantage: No new WiFi passwords need to be saved on devices, as all WiFi hotspots use the same name and password.

Important components of Wi-Fi mesh are access point direction and client direction. These features ensure that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are automatically connected to the strongest access point. This is especially important if multiple devolo repeaters are installed in a wireless home network.

Thanks to bidirectional MU-MIMO (Multi-User – Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) it is also possible for multiple data packets to be sent and received from multiple Wi-Fi clients simultaneously.  The new repeaters are compatible with all routers and devices. It’s ready in just a few minutes: just plug in, press the button and you’re done!

For a Wi-Fi repeater to function optimally, its position is of central importance. It is necessary to ensure that the repeater receives a good Wi-Fi signal from the router. Only then can a repeater also forward a fast Wi-Fi signal.

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