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Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media

  •  Marketing ( Market Orientation ): Market trends and customer needs a new marketing feature debut, director of the organization successful in the market one who does not keep pace with the day; And this is possible when the employees and managers of the organization act according to the behavior and market orientation. Looking for the Best Organic Traffic Services To Buy Online? Look no further. We are safe, affordable and effective! We will drive traffic to your site via keywords which ensures the highest level of targeting. You can also select your desired geography. Boost your 3rd quarter revenues the easy way! The processes of this section take place in 5 different areas:
    • Concepts concerning the production or Production Concept
    • Concepts about the product (or service) or Product Concept
    • Concepts of sale (supply) or Selling Concept
    • Concepts about Marketing or Marketing Concept
    • Social Marketing or Societal Marketing
  • Market Studies: knowledge, wisdom necessary for every move and every decision market knowledge is a systematic effort to gather and record information on all components of the system and all the factors that affect the market.
  • Marketing: Marketing means retaining current customers and encouraging them to buy more and continuing to buy by creating and improving the level of “satisfaction” in them. Knowing the behavior of customers, communicating with them, having psychological and sociological information and also knowing the movements and facilities of competitors play an important role in maintaining and managing customer needs.
  • Marketing: Marketing means searching to find the most suitable market and segments where the organization can be more useful and effective and meet the needs and wants of the market. Marketing means segmenting or dividing markets and determining the company’s products and services for the most appropriate markets to offer.
  • Market-: market-the market penetration and the introduction and recognition of the organization and its products and services can be controlled with the use of marketing (product, price, distribution sale). By using these factors correctly and principledly, marketers can gain a position in the market in different situations and gain more market share with appropriate policies and programs.
  • Marketer compels the more than others to be familiar with developments and market changes. This awareness is possible through presence in the scene of competition and exchange and observation of markets. Participating in exhibitions, visiting various markets and being in the market environment, opens the view of managers. In other words, the most important role of marketing is to strengthen and sometimes change the ” vision “.
  • Market assessment or market evaluation: Market assessment means analyzing the market position according to what we were and had, what we are and have and what we should have. All products, services, and organizations have a specific life curve that includes the stages of introduction, growth, maturity, saturation, and decline, and each stage has special conditions that the marketer must respond appropriately based on these characteristics. Market assessment or evaluation and measurement of the activities of the organization, reveal the strengths and weaknesses in relation to the existing situation and competitors. Dimensions of market evaluation include the following:
    • Market Size
    • Market Trends
    • Cost structure in the market
    • Distribution and supply channels in the market
    • Success Factors
  • Warm market: For marketing, it is necessary not to miss the hot market, hot market means advertising and timely encouragement to inform, convince and persuade customers to communicate more with the organization and buy from it and counter the movements of competitors. One of the most important tools of the hot market is the use of creativity, innovation and initiative in the competitive market scene.
  • Portfolio: portfolio of market management, including planning, implementation and control of a variety of different aspects market. Marketing includes setting strategies and plans, organizing and executing all matters related to introducing and introducing the company’s products to the markets, monitoring activities to achieve the goals of the organization and creating satisfaction for customers and the community.

Digital Marketing

Marketing products or services using digital channels and media to communicate more with consumers is called digital marketing.
In digital marketing, the main goal is to promote the brand through various digital media.
Note that all digital media, not just online media. For example, marketing via SMS, USSD, TV, electronic billboards and و are part of digital marketing, but none of them are online.

Internet Marketing

In this type of marketing we use only online media (online media).
For example, in this type of marketing, we can increase our website traffic by using online advertisements.

Some of the components of online marketing are:

  • Banner ads
  • Pay per click or PPC
  • Targeted email marketing
  • SEO
  • Application design and development
  • Social media marketing (like Instagram, Facebook Traffic, etc.)

Internet marketing has become a growing trend due to the boom in Internet usage by the public.
Popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo have invested heavily in this.

Social Media is the term for the use of web-based technologies, mobile phones, and communications that interact with conversation.

Now we have to say what is social media marketing.

 Social media marketing or social media marketing is a part of internet marketing that, if used properly, can help you connect more with your audience. Although social media marketing is a new topic in our time, its spirit has thousands of years of history. Want to capitalize on the world’s obsession with social media? Buy social traffic that is driven to your website or blog from the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more! You can further target your audience by selecting up to three categories, it’s safe, affordable and drives REAL visitors to your site! Marketing has always been a social concept throughout history, because man is a civic being by nature (social). One way to get more visitors to a brand is to use social media. Social media strategy is to create unique and healthy content that is shared. Of course, it should be noted that it is often useful content that is hot news from the audience and can be exchanged virally throughout the social network, due to the attractiveness of the content between users.

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