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Digital Signature: How does it make opening a Business faster?

Digital Signature: How does it make opening a Business faster?

What is Digital Signature?

A digital signature is, basically, any signature carried out in an electronic/digital medium. In Brazil, it has been recognized since the publication of Provisional Measure 2,200/2001, which guarantees the “authenticity, integrity and legal validity of documents in electronic form, as well as the performance of secure electronic transactions”.


Today, any person (individual or legal) can sign documents digitally. However, it is very important to be aware of the most suitable type of signature for each type of document, as we will see below:

  • Simple Digital Signature

Also called electronic signature or digital signature without certificate, this type of signature is the most used and widely accepted. It has high security standards (time stamp, encryption, machine IP, access password, email) and has legal validity, being the ideal solution in cases where the use of a digital certificate is not required.

  • Advanced Digital Signature

In addition to the security mechanisms mentioned above, this modality has more levels of verification, such as biometric data or the user’s unique security code (PIN), reducing the risk of fraud.

  • Qualified Digital Signature

In this modality, the Digital Certificate is used, which is equivalent to notarization. As a result, user identity and document integrity are guaranteed by virtually inviolable cryptographic keys. This level of authentication is required in very specific situations, mainly by public bodies such as the Federal Revenue Service and commercial boards.


Advantages of Digital Signature when opening New Businesses


Every company, regardless of size or sector, deals with a high volume of documents: rental, work, supplier contracts, etc. Doing this the traditional way, using pen and paper, is extremely bureaucratic and expensive.

This is where the importance of digitization comes in: optimizing processes and making life easier for those who literally want to take their ideas off paper and undertake. Below, we list the three main advantages of joining the digital signature since opening your business:

Time saving: The formalization of a contract takes weeks when carried out in a traditional way, but it can be done in a few minutes in the electronic environment. By using a digital signature, there is a 97% reduction in document processing time: in a few clicks, everything is solved!

Cost reduction: In addition to savings of around 85% in paper, printing and logistics expenses, notary, post office and storage costs are also eliminated.

Safety: Digitally signed contracts are even more secure than those signed traditionally. With or without a certificate, the digital signature is supported by law and has advanced security mechanisms, such as encryption, time stamp, machine IP, among others. Furthermore, in the electronic environment, the risk of misplacement and loss of documents is practically eliminated.


How to choose a digital signature tool 

There are some factors that should be considered when choosing your digital signature platform. Below, we cite the most relevant ones:


  • Security: It is very important to choose a platform that has a high level of security, different authentication steps and valid certifications.
  • Usability: the platform must be simple and intuitive, considering that several people will have to access it to sign the documents.
  • Payment: some tools charge in dollars; which can bring surprises when paying. Prioritize platforms that charge in real.
  • Support: When dealing with documents, you may need support at any time, so it is important to consider how the company is serviced and supported.

As we have seen, managing digital signatures and documents can be a strong ally when opening a new business. By reducing bureaucracy and speeding up the process, this solution avoids wasting time on tasks that can be automated. That way, time and attention can be devoted to what really matters.

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