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Discover the Future of Mobile Experience with One UI 6

This is certainly not the first time you’ve read something about One UI 6, Samsung’s interface that is based on Android 14, and which is already being tested on some of the company’s devices. The launch of its stable version is scheduled to take place by the end of this month, and until then, we will discover some of its new features. We all know how much different smartphone manufacturers focus their resources on improving the photographic sectors of their devices. And these improvements don’t just come from hardware modifications, but also from software. Samsung has nothing to envy its competition in this field, thanks to One UI, Galaxy smartphones offer several different modes.


In addition to the usual Photo and Video modes, allow you to use Portrait mode to take photos, dedicated Night mode, hyperlapse, slow motion and much more. The manufacturer, thanks to its proprietary interface, allows the user to customize which modes they want to see on the camera’s main screen, so that they can access them more quickly. These customization options become more useful and accessible thanks to the new camera widget in One UI 6, which now allows users to add a widget to their device’s home screen to open any camera mode with a single tap, no longer being You need to search for and open the Camera app for the desired photo settings.

Users now have the option to add multiple widgets to the home screen, each of which will directly invoke a specific mode, and can choose whether to open the rear or front camera, select which albums photos and videos will be stored in, as well as rename the widgets and change their background with any image. Furthermore, thanks to One UI 6, the user can avoid cluttering the home screen with different widgets by using the appropriate stacking function.

Once the various widgets have been created, it will be enough to drag them all over each other or, alternatively, you can create just one, hold it down and choose the Create stack option to create and add another one. Airplane mode gets smarter thanks to One Ui 6 airplane mode We are all familiar with airplane mode, although it gets its name from its use in aircraft, it is also frequently used in a number of different contexts; in fact, it is not uncommon for users to want to avoid receiving calls at a certain time, but perhaps without giving up Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. In fact, in recent years Android has evolved and now allows, compared to the past, to keep the calls we just mentioned active, even after activating airplane mode.

Additionally, with Android 14, the smartphone will remember the user’s choice to keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi active after activating airplane mode. One UI 6 is no exception, Samsung has also implemented this possibility in the latest version of the proprietary interface, and Galaxy devices can therefore activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while Airplane Mode is active, and they will remember and maintain the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turn on the next time Airplane Mode starts.



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