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 Discovery: Scientists Discover 2 New Planets!

 Discovery: Scientists Discover 2 New Planets!

Nearby star system hosts two planets and 30 exocomets: Our universe is so big that even the scientists working in all the space agencies of the world have not even been able to fully discover its essence. Meanwhile, scientists have definitely been able to find out that there are many more galaxies like our Solar System. Each Galaxy has its own different system. During one such study, now scientists have also discovered two new planets and 30 comets.

Center of Attraction for Scientists
Researchers have been attracted to this Beta Pictoris planetary system far away from the boundary of our Earth. Astronomers have now discovered 30 comets outside our Milky Way Galaxy that orbit the star Beta Pictoris, just like the Sun.


How long does it take for light to reach the earth?
According to a report published in CNN, their distance from Earth is about 63 light years. Accordingly, it will take so long for the light to come from there. Let us tell you that this Beta Pictoris was discovered about 40 years ago. It is surrounded by a debris disk made of gas and dust. Who has given birth to two planets. Which is orbiting Beta Pictoris. Scientists are very excited to see this, because our solar system is 4.5 billion years old, while Beta Pictoris is 20 million years old, which is quite young. Through this, scientists can understand the process during the formation of planets.

Comets are so huge
As early as 1987, scientists discovered comets orbiting a star similar to our Sun. An international research team studied the Beta Pictoris system for 156 days from NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. During this, this team was able to find out their size. The size of these comets is similar to the comets found in our solar system. This is the first time that scientists have detected the size of comets of any other solar system. During this time, their size has been found to be about 3 to 14 kilometer circle.



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