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DiskDrive converts your Ordinary Bike into an Electric Bike

DiskDrive, the amazing box that turns your bike into an electric bike

To turn a classic bike into an electric model, DiskDrive replaces the rear wheel brake disc with a notched counterpart. The motor and its battery are attached to this system to assist pedaling. Smart! Converting a classic bike into an electric model has long been possible. There are even kits for it. In general, it is necessary to replace the front wheel or add a module that supports the rear wheel.


Skarper’s DiskDrive system is completely different. Light and clever, it attaches to the rear wheel of the bike and drives an element that replaces the brake disc and can also be used for braking. When the system is activated, the motor connects to this notched disc and spins it to assist pedaling. The motor adjusts its support depending on the cadence and incline of the bike.


The DiskDrive main unit is a module that hooks onto the side of the bike on the rear wheel axle. It packs a 202Wh lithium battery, 250W motor and other electronic components. The set can be integrated into the bike in seconds. A clip system that allows you to disassemble the DiskDrive to prevent it from being stolen or to recharge it. Only the disc stays in place.


The module weighs 3.3 kg and, according to the manufacturer, has a maximum range of 60 km. Assistance is limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h in accordance with European regulations. The accessory is not yet marketed, but should come next year. It should cost around 1,160 euros. Only bicycles with disc and pad brake systems are compatible.


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