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Do You Know What Glass Is Made Of?

Wouldn’t even have dreamed of the Glass Making Process: Many things made of glass will be present around you, but what is glass made of. Do you know the answer to this?


You must have seen many things of glass around you. But have you ever wondered what glass is made of (What Is Glass Made Of). You will be surprised to know the answer to this. The process of making glass is very difficult. For this you have to go through several stages. Let us know from what and how glass is made? by Taboola Sponsored Links You May Like Term life insurance of 1 crore only ₹ 490/month*. Do not postpone, take term life insurance plan Joint Pain Relief 100% Guarantee ₹ 1999 onlySheoplas What is glass made of? Explain that glass is made from sand. Yes this is true. But ordinary sand is not used to make glass. Glass is made from sand in which the silica content is 99 percent


Know the science behind glass making method


To make glass, first 75 percent sand, 15 percent soda ash and 10 percent limestone are mixed together and a mixture is prepared. In this mixture, pieces of thorn are also added for recycling. Then this mixture is melted by heating it in a furnace from 800 to 1500 degree Celsius


Then after the mixture is melted, it is put on a flat platform which, when completely cooled, is ready in the form of a flat transparent glass. How to make things of different sizes from glass If the glass is to be molded into any other shape, this is done by pouring the molten mixture into different moulds. You must have seen that there are many things made of glass around us. Like- windows, utensils and also our phone screen. But you would never have thought that glass is made from sand.

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