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Dropshipping ideas during the holidays

No matter what holiday a country or region is about to celebrate, the people celebrating are going to shop for gifts and decorations. Holidays during the end of the year are so important that they’re measured by a different set of standards. A boost in online retail sales is always expected. Some holidays are so important the entire country shuts down for a week. You don’t want to miss important holidays, so here are a few ideas you can use to drum up some festive purchases.

Emails should be themed

When you create your email newsletters for your sales, don’t leave the background blank. Use a holiday-themed template to decorate your email and put customers in a shopping mood whenever they open your newsletter. If you can add a template that has animals dressed up in holiday fashion and are performing holiday activities, then that is even better.

Create bundled packages

This is a great idea that will help customers who are completely stumped on what to buy their friends and family as gifts. Ensure each package has a theme like candles and relaxation, or home office and organization or gardening and tools. Be sure to tell your customer that the items might be shipped in different packages, so they won’t think it will come all together in one decorated box. You can even create packages that include decorations like plates, napkins, cups, banners, window details, and car decals.

Offer gift-wrapping or a personalized message if you can

If you want to offer this option, you will have to email your supplier and talk to them. If they can, then you can offer the service to the customer at the checkout form. But don’t worry about fees, you can pass the gift-wrapped fee over to the customer. Many customers would love to have their items gift-wrapped. It saves them a lot of time and hassle. If you choose to add a personalized message, the message can either be placed on the box and printed on the receipt or as an individual card or paper inside the package.

Offer a gift receipt

If a customer is purchasing a product as a gift for someone, they will not want to have the itemized receipt with a total price in the package. If you can offer your customers the gift receipt option, then they will receive the full receipt in their email, while the receiver will only get a list of the products without any prices.

Support a charity with every purchase

Backing a charity is a noble way to show your customers that you’re not only in the dropshipping business to just make money, but you have issues that you care about as well. At the top fo the page, tell your customers that for every purchase they make, a percentage will go to charity. This will make them more willing to spend money because they know it is going to a good cause. You should also link the charity and its history on the main page.


Holidays are important shopping times, so you must be ready to set up sales and manage the increase amount of visitors to your site. You can add gift wrapping or a personalized message, donate a percentage to a charity, develop themed emails, and create bundled packages. And don’t forget to add a gift receipt option to hide the prices on the package!

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