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Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Make Your Home More Sustainable

There’s no denying that we hugely contribute to the world’s pollution. It doesn’t hurt to do something to lessen it by ourselves. It doesn’t have to be global. In fact, you can start at your home and enact change.

There are a lot of changes you can make at your home to lessen pollution. Here are some of the eco-friendly alternatives to make your home more sustainable.

Use Recyclable Home Materials

There are plenty of recyclable materials to use in your home. If you’re building a house, you may want to consider a shipping container house or reconsidering its size.

If you already have a house, check for parts in your house that need fixing. For example, if you need new window frames, you may want to consider using vinyl sidings. Vinyl is a recyclable material that’s really easy to cut and apply.

Add Renewable Energy for Electricity

If you have the money to do so, you may also want to consider adding renewable energy sources. Most houses use non-sustainable energy sources like oil and gas.

A popular renewable energy alternative is solar panels. Solar panels use the sun as an energy source. The photovoltaic system uses the sun’s energy and transforms it into electricity. It’s a much environmentally-friendly option rather than burning fossil fuels.

Switch Your Heating Source

Heaters are also major contributors to pollution. Luckily there are renewable options for heating your home. Heating is essential if you live in colder areas and long winters.


Boilers, in particular, are a great eco-friendly heat source to turn to. You can fuel boilers with 3 different non-renewable types of fuels. Namely:

  • Coal
  • Oil
  • Gas

However, boilers also have renewable types. The options that least contribute to pollution are:

  • Gas boilers
  • Oil
  • Electric boilers
  • Biomass boilers

It depends on you what type you want or actually suitable for your home.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are also a great alternative for heating your home. Heat pumps have low energy consumption that makes them environmentally friendly. You also won’t have to rely on gas pipes and oil tanks if you use heat pumps.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal is also an eco-friendly alternative heating option. You won’t have the need to use gas or oil for heating.

A solar thermal panel uses the heat from the sun to boil water. It provides you with energy without combustion. Combustion generates pollution making solar thermal a better option.

Wash Your Clothes with Cold Water

According to EnergyStar, around 90% of the energy used in a washing machine is focused on heating water. To lessen your energy consumption, skip the heating and use the cold water setting on your washing machine.

You also help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Although hot water is better at removing stains, cold water is better at preserving the fabric of your clothes.

If you have tough stains on your clothes, then there’s no helping using hot water instead. That’s the only scenario that you would want to use hot water over cold water for energy saving.

Avoid Using the Dryer if Possible

If it’s hot and summer outside, why not hang your clothes out to dry? Sure it takes time to dry off, however, you also save a lot of electricity. Hang-dried clothes also tend to last longer than those put under the dryer.

If you don’t have a backyard to hang your clothes out, you can use a drying rack and place your clothes somewhere where they can dry in your home. Open your windows while you’re at it to let warm sunlight and fresh air inside.

Make DIY Items Instead of Getting New Ones

There are various DIY projects you can do that turns old and used materials into new useful tools for your home. There are plenty of sources you can look for on the internet to start you with DIY projects.

Use LED Bulbs

Traditional light bulbs consume more energy compared to LED bulbs. LED bulbs are the most efficient and energy-saving lighting option compared to the rest.

You will save money and they are worth investing in. LED bulbs typically last for years and even decades without going faulty.

Switch to Homemade Natural Cleaning Products

There are plenty of ways you can make homemade natural cleaning products. The most common ones you can use are baking soda and vinegar. They’re pretty effective at cleaning too.

There are also cleaning products available that don’t use harmful chemicals. Just check what ingredients they use. This will save you time in preparing and making homemade cleaning products.


There are still plenty of ways you can make your home more sustainable. You just have to be creative and innovative. If you follow these alternatives, you will change your home into a more sustainable one with less pollution.

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