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Enhancing Email Productivity with Microsoft’s Copilot Pro in Outlook

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Microsoft’s Copilot Pro offers AI-powered assistance for Microsoft 365 applications at a monthly fee of $20. This service integrates with the new version of Outlook within Microsoft 365, allowing users to leverage Copilot’s AI capabilities to compose, reply to, and summarize emails.

Presently, Copilot Pro is not compatible with the classic version of Outlook provided in Microsoft 365. It specifically supports the new Outlook app, which is designed to replace the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10 and Windows 11. While Microsoft plans to extend Copilot Pro support to the classic Outlook in the future, users can explore its functionalities within the new Outlook for now.

To use Copilot Pro with Outlook, you’ll need a subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal or Family editions, priced at $70 and $100 per year, respectively. Additionally, a Copilot Pro subscription is required, obtainable through the Copilot Pro website.

Setting up Copilot Pro in the new Outlook involves the following steps:

  1. Download and install the new Outlook app from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Add and set up your email accounts within the Outlook app.
  3. Utilize Copilot by selecting the “Draft with Copilot” option to compose new emails, reply to messages, or summarize content.
  4. Customize your prompts and review generated drafts, replies, or summaries using Copilot’s AI capabilities.
  5. Optimize your email drafts by refining them based on Copilot’s suggestions and feedback.

Additionally, Copilot Pro can be used to analyze and refine existing emails, offering suggestions to improve clarity, formality, or detail. It also provides a summarization feature to condense lengthy emails into key points for quick review.

While Copilot Pro enhances productivity and efficiency within Outlook, its full integration and compatibility with other Microsoft 365 apps make it a valuable tool for AI-powered assistance across various communication and productivity tasks.



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