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Esports Growing Amid Sports-Less Covid 19 Pandemic

Esports is ruling the roost right now in the absence of live sports. Major sporting leagues like the NBA and MLB are clearly struggling to capture the attention of sport-deprived fans through video game tournaments like NBA2K or The Show where professional players participate as themselves. Emerging as hot favorites during lockdown are the popular virtual video game tournaments such as the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League which have seen a dramatic rise in viewership as well as growing betting activity.

With more people getting involved in virtual sports, Esports viewership has grown considerably and posted some record-breaking numbers. And, betting on Esports has clearly shot up post the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, as well. Digging deeper, we find two clear trends behind the real uptick in Esports betting. Number one, popular Esports competitions like CS:Go, Dota 2, and League of Legends are nicely filling the void left by traditional sports. These three popular titles attract a lot of attention from real sports bettors, contributing handsomely to the new spurt in betting volume. And the second trend contributing to the Esports betting growth story is the fact that an increasing number of players are now making the transition from real sport to games that simulate sports like football (FIFA), hockey (NHL) and basketball (NBA). As a result, there is a dip in average turnover per player for real sports and a clear uptick in the same figure for Esports. What these numbers imply is that betting on sports simulator games is trending big time and going to become really massive from here.

Fancy watching some Esports competitions to get a feel for the sport? Maybe you want to start placing wagers on one. GGBet is a good place to begin with. As pointed out in this GGBet review, the site lets you watch some of the hot and happening games in the world of Esports and gives you a range of games to place your bets on as well. You name it, you got it- from League of Legends to NBA 2K19. Besides a variety of betting options with attractive odds, you also get great promotional offers for sign up and bonus codes. It’s got a seamlessly built portal that lets you watch all live games through Twitch and a secure interface with multiple payment gateway options too. Overall, it’s an all-encompassing Esports betting destination designed to give you an incredible user experience.

With all major sporting tournaments and live sports cancelled due to Covid-19, Esports is no longer the tiny segment of sports betting it was before. With a rapidly growing audience, Esports betting looks an intriguing option for several sportsbook sites and betting operators who are just getting warmed to the idea. Live Esports competitions are growing in a remarkable way and commanding attention to an extent that more sites are now considering swiftly integrating Esports betting into their sites and getting on the bandwagon. Anything to stave off serious losses amid sports-less Covid 19 situation. These sites expect to use Esports betting as an offering to diversify their revenue streams, even when live sports resumes after lockdown. Things are clearly looking up for Esports, and by the look of things it is here to stay.

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