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Exciting Features in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 That Simplify Your Life

Following Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), public betas for iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 were released, giving early adopters a taste of the enhancements coming to the company’s mobile operating systems. As these software updates prepare for their official launch alongside the iPhone 15, let’s explore the most eagerly anticipated new features:

  1. Personalized Contact Posters

iOS 17 introduces Contact Posters, a feature that adds a deeper level of personalization to the Phone app. Much like customizing your Lock Screen, you can now craft unique contact cards with photos or emojis that appear in your Contacts and during calls. You have the option to share these posters with everyone or select individuals.

  1. Enhanced Lock Screen Customization for iPads (Credit: Apple)

With iPadOS 17, Apple’s tablets gain the Lock Screen customizations that were previously exclusive to iPhones. Users can choose a photo from their personal library, a dynamic set of photos that change throughout the day, or a Live Photo for a smooth slow-motion effect when they wake their iPad. Live Activities, carried over from iOS, deliver live alerts on the lock screen, such as sports scores or the status of an Uber Eats order. Home screen widgets become more interactive, allowing you to control music or adjust lighting without launching full apps.

  1. Live Voicemail Transcription (Credit: Apple)

Wondering if that incoming call is from a telemarketer or something important? Thanks to Live Transcription, your iPhone transcribes voicemails as they’re being left. If it appears urgent, you can answer the call, just as you would with an old-school answering machine.

  1. Audio Message Transcription in Messages (Credit: Apple)

Apple extends its transcription capabilities to voice messages in the Messages app. When you send a voice message to another iPhone user, they receive a transcription alongside the audio.

  1. Leave Messages on FaceTime (Credit: Apple)

Attempting to FaceTime someone who doesn’t answer? In iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, you can leave an audio or video message when the recipient is unavailable, eliminating the need to switch to the Messages app.

  1. Improved Search Filters in Messages (Credit: Apple)

Given that much of our communication is text-based, iOS 17 enhances the search function for messages. You can now add multiple search terms to find messages more quickly. Plus, for those moments when you return to a bustling group chat, a new upward-facing arrow takes you back to where you left off, sparing you from endless scrolling.

  1. Check In for Peace of Mind (Credit: Apple)

Do you have concerned friends or family members who request updates when you arrive home safely? iOS 17 introduces Check In, which automatically notifies designated contacts when you’re on your way home. In case of delays or if you don’t reach home, Check In provides your contacts with your device’s location, battery level, and cell service status, ensuring they can assess if assistance is needed.

  1. NameDrop Your Contact Info

NameDrop streamlines the process of sharing contact information with other iPhone owners. Instead of typing in long email addresses or handing over your phone, simply bring two iPhones (or an iPhone and an Apple Watch) close together and grant permission to view your details. This gesture also works seamlessly with SharePlay for sharing music, watching movies, or playing games when both devices are in close proximity. Content shared via AirDrop continues to send even when you leave AirDrop range, as long as both devices are signed in to iCloud.



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