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Health Experts say that Anxiety isn’t always Bad sometimes it helps in Staying Alert

Worrying isn’t always bad. Many experts consider it as the internal alarm system of the body. He says it is good to have some degree of concern. It shouldn’t be eliminated completely, but it shouldn’t always be taken in a negative way either. By doing this any fear runs away.

Experts believe that sometimes worrying in stressful situations can also be helpful for you. It acts like an internal alarm system to stop you from doing anything wrong. Experts say that anxiety helps in anticipating obstacles and staying alert. If the level of anxiety starts increasing, then deep breathing and walking can be controlled.

Let’s understand the benefits of anxiety in 4 points from experts…

1. The feeling of concern is only for our safety
According to psychologist Alan Hendriksen, anxiety, to some degree, can help anticipate obstacles and stay alert. Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki says that the feeling of anxiety and stress has evolved for our safety. A little stress helps to improve performance. If anxiety starts increasing, try to reduce it by taking deep breaths. Anxiety can also be controlled by walking.

2. Learn to manage concerns, the challenge will seem easy
Begin by acknowledging anxiety and looking at it objectively, says psychologist Joel Minden. Don’t always be afraid of being bad. Just like you make small efforts to remove the fear of a friend. Similarly, it is a learning process how to accept and tolerate anxiety. Once you learn how to manage it, you won’t find any challenge impossible. Worrying like this will also be helpful.

3. Listen to the voice of the mind, then there will be no pressure
Philadelphia psychologist Dr. Set Gillihan explains that earlier he used to have anxiety before he started working every day. Due to health problems, many jobs could not be done. They say that even if you stop worrying, there is a lot of trouble. He cut the working time and gave the remaining time in writing. Now I am starting to feel lighter than before.

4. Create Plans That Help You Reduce Anxiety
Psychologist Alice Boyce says that anxious people are careful and alert. He gave the example of a girl child who was afraid of school in her childhood, making excuses. Her worries continued as she grew up, but she started making contingency plans to deal with them. This helped bring peace to the mind and reduce the fear of a bad situation.


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