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Facebook Users Beware: Meta Blocks 7 Spying Companies, Active In 100 Countries

If you are a Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram user, then be careful because Meta has blocked about 7 such companies around the world including India, which used to track the online activity of users. 1 Indian company is also included in these spying companies. These companies were targeting their political leaders, election officers, human rights and popular celebrities in 100 countries.


Companies were spying for money

These companies used to do espionage work professionally. That is, by taking money from the client, she used to spy on the target person. That’s why they were named Surveillance-for-Hire Company. These companies specialize in gathering intelligence, distorting facts and hacking into their devices and accounts on the Internet. Social media giant Meta (Facebook) has sent an alert to about 50 thousand people in more than 100 countries regarding this.


Facebook is monitoring these companies

Facebook’s Meta Platforms Inc. has placed half a dozen private companies under surveillance for hacking and misappropriation of accounts. The company’s fight with spy firms is a major move by US tech companies, US lawmakers and President Joe Biden’s government against those supporting the digital spy service, notably Israeli spyware company NSO Group, which was launched earlier this month. was blacklisted. Meta is already suing NSO in US court.


The Meta report states that it is blocking about 1,500 accounts. Most of it has fake accounts running on 7 organizations on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Meta said that these companies have targeted people in more than 100 countries.


Nathaniel Gleicher, Meta’s head of privacy policy, told Reuters that the gang of companies working for money is not limited to a single platform, but its scope is very large.


  • Beltrox – India
  • Citrox – North Macedonia
  • Cobwebs Technologies
  • Cognite
  • Black Cube
  • Bluehawk Ci
  • Unknown Company – China


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