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Find out the Features that Make These Classic Card Games so Unique


Technological advancement and the change of pace in the gaming world runs complementary to each other.

Technology has made people’s lives easier at every step. Starting from infrastructure to communication, technology has left its mark in every domain. But right now, it has also entered the gaming industry. Technological advancement and the change of pace in the gaming world runs complementary to each other.

RummyPassion and GetMega both are the best gaming platforms when it comes to the gaming experience and real cash rewards benefits.


Technology paved the way for the gaming world

The world of gaming has gone through a lot of changes. With the constant advancements in technology, games got more creative. Games started with the purpose of entertainment, but now it is used in various other fields in our lives. With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, games keep on getting more popular than ever (since those are pocket-friendly and available round the clock).

Several games were played then and now. Now let us check out some classic card games.


Classic Card Games

Among the classic card games, there is rummy, poker, blackjack, spider, go fish, bridge, spades, solitaire etc. These card games are played mostly for entertainment, for pleasure (sometimes for gambling). The classic card games have been there since around the 9th century BC. It was played in regions like China(9th century), Europe(14th century), Japan. But nowadays, it is played all over the world. Due to the easy availability of technology, these classic games can now be easily played on computers, mobiles and tablets and in this mode there are 2-6 players playing in RummyPassion.


Online Classic Card Games

With technological advancement, these card games are now available online. Some of the most popular ones are:


  • Rummy- Played with 2-6 players along with a dealer to serve 13 cards from 2 decks of cards
  • Teen Patti- Played with 3-6 players with a pack of 52 cards (excluding joker)
  • Poker- Played with 2-7 players served by a dealer
  • Bluff- Played with 3-10 players with one deck of cards and no jokers.
  • Three two five- Only played with three players with a single deck of 30 cards (including the suits of Ace, King, Queen, Jack,10,9,8 and 7 of hearts and & of spades)
  • Bridge- Played with four players (2 teams of 2 players each who use 13 cards from a single deck served by a dealer with one card to a player at a time)


Among the mentioned games, rummy is the most popular one. The popularity of card games lies in the fact of the unique combination of characteristics. Let us find out why it is so popular in the gaming world.



Rummy belongs to the category of matching-card games (usually cards are matched based on their rank or sequence and same suit). In any kind of rummy, the fundamental idea is to build melds that can either be sets (books) or runs. Card games are available in many variations depending on what style it is being played, namely, Sai Rummy, Sanka Rummy, (most prevalent) Indian Rummy etc. It has become pretty popular in the context of the online gaming world.


  • Easy to understand
  • Simple gameplay
  • 2-6 players can easily enjoy
  • Lots of variations


Several factors are making a simple card game of Indian Rummy into a far better and amusing experience for everyone around the globe. With the implementation of technology, classic card games like rummy, poker are available on the go. You can play your favourite card game from anywhere in the world, even when you are alone. There are certain websites and apps that provide fantastic gameplays of online card games.


RummyPassion vs GetMega

Out of the available trusted websites, several online card gaming apps RummyPassion and GetMega, require special mention. Here are some exclusive details about these two online card game apps:


  • GetMega has a fantastic build that helps in providing 24×7 leaderboards for all games on the website, whereas RummyPassion Leaderboard is characterised only by the player’s ability making it a bit unclear to get the winner’s list.
  • The clean and user-friendly interface and experience makes it easy for the community to interact with the games and earn, whereas RummyPassion has a vivid interface making it easy to attract gamers to the game portal.
  • GetMega provides a unique player base who are verified with Facebook and mobile number; on the other hand, RummyPassion only has a system of card games with pick up and play.
  • RummyPassion only has three games in India (namely)
  1. Points Rummy
  2. Pool Rummy
  3. Deals Rummy


Whereas GetMega has three attractive categories of different games, which are further divided


  1. Card: Poker, Rummy
  2. Casual: Carrom, GoPool, ABC Rummy, Warship, Dots & Dash
  3. Trivia: 123, PicMe, GK
  • GetMega is one of the best platforms for online gaming, which offers each player a video-chat feature to make the whole gaming environment more entertaining, but there is no such feature in RummyPassion available yet.
  • GetMega is part of the All India Gaming Federation, which provides 100% safe and verified gameplay; RummyPassion believes in increasing player awareness with the feedback from their users to make the gameplay fair and safe.


Technological advancement has accomplished the achievement of globalising online classic card games since it has allowed us to play with friends virtually. GetMega is one of the trusted apps that has developed games to be played with friends safely and securely.

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