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Four features your dropshipping store needs to have

Making your online store user-friendly and intuitive is extremely important. Sites that are frustrating to use deter customers from purchasing products, even if the prices are low. Poorly designed stores also make the customer think that their personal information in danger or sold to a third party. So making your store secure and well-designed will show visitors you are a professional, and their credit card information is safe with you. Here are four features you need to implement when you are creating your online store.

Money converter

If you’re planning on shipping to one or more countries outside your own, you need to have a quick and easy money converter. A store that forces its customers to pull out a calculator if they want to purchase an item won’t have many returning international customers. And make sure the converting currency also applies to the shipping and handling fees in the checkout section.

A pop-up to prevent customers from leaving

This may sound like a bad idea, as many people hate pop-ups, but preventing a window from being shut down accidentally is one way to help your customer. It will prevent the items in their carts from disappearing. Also, any other tabs the customer has open will stay up, and they won’t lose their place. As long as the pop-up doesn’t make noise, most people don’t mind it.

Social media buttons

If you don’t have social media buttons below every single product you sell, you miss out on a ton of free advertising. People who like a product but don’t want to buy it at the moment will usually link the product to their social media accounts for later. When they do this, all of their friends are notified that they linked a product. Maybe they like the item, and they purchase it for themselves. And all this done was done without dedicated a dime to marketing!

“People who bought this” icon

People who are shopping like to see this type of suggestion because it shows them how a product can be used and what gear they can pair it with. One popular way to show customers other items to buy is to have a scrolling banner at the bottom of a product that says, “people who bought this product also bought this.” Think of it as upselling. You already have a customer looking at a product, and now you can show them more products that go well with it.

A multifilter on the left-hand side

The filter should be able to select one or more options in a category. So, if a customer wants to search for both small and medium clothes, then the filter should let them. Many filters only allow users to select one option at a time, but a good multifilter will allow users to select as many options as they want. By adding a multifilter, customers will be able to search for the exact product they need and save time while they’re doing it.


Features like these, even though they are simple, make a customer who is using your online store have a better experience that is more personal. A well-designed store shows customers that you care about their experience, and the store is well-managed.

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