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Gaming Set to Skyrocket in India

The gaming industry has become a dominant force in entertainment in the last decade, with new, more affordable technology allowing more people to engage with it than ever before.

In India, the last few years has seen gaming take a hold of the general public at an unprecedented rate. Whether it’s mobile games, casino games on Royal Panda or the budding culture of developers and gaming companies, the gaming industry is poised to take India by storm.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how the country got here, with the arrival of 2021 set to mark a massive milestone in its owning gaming legacy.

Paying to play

India’s love for gaming, at its most obvious, can be seen in just how much the economy has generated from people investing money into all kinds of games.

In 2017, a report was published that stated that India’s online gaming market stood at around 290 million USD. This was predicted to reach the 1 billion USD mark by the time 2021 started, which is a prediction that looks likely to come true.

At the moment, India has around 300 million digital payment users that regularly pay money into online games. Games such as PUBG, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush have led the way for micro-purchases to form the majority of the income generated by India’s gamers.

There is clear a hunger for games in the country and this untouched potential could lead to massive investment all round.


With this potential, many experts expect India’s gaming industry to skyrocket in the very near future, as investment from both Indian and global outlets comes pouring in. Capturing the wants of the youth in India – those most likely to become ‘heavier’ gamers – is a desirable task for local investors like Alibaba, AGTech Holdings and Tencent.

As the base of users does in the country, so will its expenditure for games, with more affordable technology like mobile phones and internet becoming commonplace across the populace. As more people play, more demand will be created.

This demand has already been somewhat adhered to by the expansion of India’s own developer community, with over 250 local companies now operating within the country to produce and maintain online games.

On top of this, gaming fans are seeing a viable way into a career based around these games, with Esports offering a way to further expand the culture into a more professional setting.

The future

India’s gaming market is a highly malleable one, with target audiences that are setting new trends across the spectrum.

Across the board, there is growth in the ecosystem that’s been created by a populace that sees gaming as more than a simple hobby.

In broader terms, the rise of the Indian public’s disposable income, matched with global companies willing to invest in a market that has the potential to grow beyond just a promising sector and into a gaming powerhouse means India could well become a hub of gaming culture in the future.

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