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Golden Blood: World’s Rarest Blood Type

The world’s rarest blood type is golden blood. According to scientists, this blood is found in less than 50 people in the world. Golden blood is present in the body of those people whose Rh factor is null. Such people lack 61 potential antigens in their Rh system, hence creating a risky situation for people living with this blood group. In the golden blood group or Rh null blood group, there is no Rh antigen (protein) on the red blood cell (RBC).

The matter of concern with the golden blod group is that such people have to face problems in blood transfusion. This is because donating and receiving RH tap is difficult. When a person with Rh tap needs blood, he or she has to rely on a small network of regular Rh tap donors around the world.

Only 43 people in the world have this blood
According to, golden blood is only in 43 people in the world. It was first known about it in the year 1961. When an Australian pregnant woman’s blood was tested.

According to a report, there are only 9 active donors of this blood group worldwide. This is the reason why it is the most valuable blood group in the world and it has been named Golden Blood. A person with the golden blood group lacks all the Rh antigens, while a person with the Rh negative blood group lacks only the RhD antigen. Golden blood group is the result of genetic mutation.

People with golden blood group may have hemolytic anaemia, pallor and fatigue in the body due to low hemoglobin levels. In such a situation, there may be a risk of low red blood cells. Such people may have to face problems during blood transfusion. According to scientists, if the mother is Rh null and the baby has Rh-positive blood group, then the risk of miscarriage may increase.


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