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Good News for Space Fans: 6 hours of Luxury journey in Space for $125,000

Recently, America’s Space Perspective Company has created a spaceship that will allow people to travel for 6 hours in space. The name of this spacecraft i.e. spaceship has been named Neptune.

Will travel at the end of 2024
The passengers sitting in the spaceship will be able to see the earth from 360 degree angle as soon as they reach space.

According to the official website of Space Perspective, space lovers will be able to enjoy this journey from the end of 2024. As soon as the passengers reach space, they will be able to see the Earth and the stars from a 360 degree angle. All this will be possible sitting inside a space balloon named Neptune Spaceship. At present, the company is also giving people a virtual tour of the spaceship.

 The spaceship also has a luxury lounge, chairs, tables, couch and cocktail menu.

The cost of one seat of Neptune spaceship is  . Space Perspective plans to launch it in late 2024 from Kennedy Space Center Florida.

In the photos released by the company, luxury lounges, chairs, tables, couches and cocktail menus can be seen. Also the bathroom of the spaceship is also luxurious. Neptune will also have hi-tech facilities like telescope, interactive screens and WiFi connection.

Neptune is the world’s only carbon neutral spaceship

According to the company, Neptune is the world’s first carbon neutral spaceship. Sustainable materials have been used to make its interior. There is also a bar in the spaceship, which is made from recycled material.

Passengers will not need training

According to Space Perspectives, the Neptune spaceship could reach an altitude of 30 miles (48.2 kilometers) above sea level. This is much less than the spacecraft of American billionaire Jeff Bezos’s company Blue Origin and Richard Brasnan’s company Virgin Galactic. Where Blue Origin’s spacecraft can reach an altitude of 62 miles (99.7 kilometers), Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft is capable of reaching a distance of 50 miles (80.4 kilometers).

However, one advantage of the Neptune spaceship is that its passengers will not have to take any special training to go to space. According to the company, 25 flights are being prepared in the first year of the spaceship. So far 600 people have booked it. Its flights have already been booked till 2025.

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