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Google and Reddit Forge Data Partnership

Google has revealed a fresh collaboration with Reddit, focusing on the utilization of data from the online platform and artificial intelligence. Through the Data API, the search engine gains the capability to efficiently access structured data, providing the latest information and enhancing signals for a more profound comprehension of Reddit’s content, including public posts and comments.

In addition to using this data to train large language models (LLMs) more efficiently, Google is developing ways to make forum information easier to access through its products. This involves going beyond search, which already prominently displays forum results. In the future, we will have “more content-driven Reddit news displays,” with another goal being to make it easier to participate in the famous forum’s communities and conversations.

Information about an extensive partnership between the two companies was previously revealed by Reuters. The deal is expected to generate Reddit about $60 million a year. Google, however, did not confirm (nor deny) the information in its announcement, as the company does not mention any value.
Google and Reddit arm in arm

“We’re excited to see what this partnership has to offer and make it easier for people to access and benefit from Reddit’s valuable content, whether in their products or ours,” Google said.



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