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Google-Apple theft caught : Earning money by Selling Personal Data of Customers

The Italian Competition Authority has fined both Apple and Google about $11.3 million (about Rs 84.81 crore). The reason for the fine has been told by these two giant tech companies to steal the personal data of their customers. It is being told that these companies were using the personal data of the customer for commercial gain without their permission. Italy’s Competition Authority has deemed it a violation of the Consumer Code. Apple uses user profile data through its tools and services


Google offers its economic activity a large list of terms and conditions of Internet-related products and services. This includes technologies for online advertising, search tools, cloud computing, software and hardware. The Competition Authority says that Apple uses the profile data of users through its tools and services. This allows it to directly exploit economic value through third party App Store, iTunes and Apple Books by promoting the sale of the product without transferring the data to the third party. google clean up In a statement to The Verge,


Google said it disagrees with the decision and plans to appeal against it. In its clarification, a Google spokesperson says that we give people simple control over their use of personal data and management of their information. And we work hard to fully comply with the Consumer Protection Rules. second fine


This is the second time this week that Apple and Amazon have been fined by the Italian regulator. The two were previously fined more than $225 million for allowing Amazon’s Italy store to sell Apple and speaker products. The regulator says that according to the 2018 agreement between the two companies, only certain resellers are allowed to sell products on Amazon, but it broke the competition rules of the European Union, after which the two companies were asked to lift the ban with fines. was asked to.

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