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Google Duo and Meet – ReBranding

The merger between Google Duo and Meet is finally underway and users are starting to see the changes on Android devices. Initial merge caused some confusion as different app names and functions are already confusing users. Things you need to know regarding the new partnership between Google Duo and Meet. Google Duo soon to become Google Meet as the company wants to combine its consumer and business tools on a single platform. Besides the name change, users won’t see too many problems as the two services already offer fairly similar features.


Google Duo users can now enjoy features like in-meeting chat, virtual backgrounds, visual effects, and start a call with up to 100 participants. Now the latest Android update for Google Duo is being rebranded. After installation, the original blue Google Duo icon remains until a user opens the app. There they are greeted with a notification prompt from Duo updated to Meet. If accepted, the app design will change to the new Meet branding. Google Duo iOS and iPad users aren’t seeing the change just yet, but Google has said it aims to have all customers on Meet by the end of September.

The Google Duo app listing however remains on the Play Store and iOS App Store for now, so users can download and install in the typical fashion. Users only desire to be signed in with a Google account to try the recent version of Meet and enjoy all its features, as accounts set up with only a phone number won’t be able to adopt meetings. All Duo user history, contacts, and messages will be saved in the app, and there will be no additional costs to pay. Google Duo users are also reassured that, “video calling  abilities are still  accessible  in the updated Duo app on mobile devices at no cost.


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