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Google Pixel 8 Introduces Innovative Screen Protector Mode

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High-end smartphones are those that offer the best user experiences. However, these devices tend to be very expensive and many users choose to protect them with covers and screen films, to avoid greater expenses in the event of an accident. Users of Google’s latest devices, the Pixel 8, are no exception, and there are many alternatives on the market to offer that extra security.

Google Pixel 8 series has unique feature

However, the team of developers at Google thought of a feature that not everyone knows about and that was specifically designed to improve the experience of those who decide to apply a protective film to their smartphone’s screen: we are talking about a screen protector mode.

This has the special purpose of increasing touch sensitivity, thus improving tactile input when using a screen protector. And since not all users are aware of this feature, Google has developed a screen protector detection function, which is exclusive to the Google Pixel 8 series.

In practice, it is a system that helps the smartphone detect when a screen protector is applied or removed and, whenever a film is applied to the display, it shows a notification informing the user that they must activate the relevant mode, so that they can benefit. for a better touch interaction experience.

Tapping the notification opens a dialog box with three buttons: one to open Settings, one to confirm (but not delete) the notification, and one to turn off the notification.

Likewise, the moment a screen protector is removed from the device, a notification appears advising users to deactivate the screen saver mode, as without the film applied it risks causing a deterioration in the touch experience.

The Google team implemented this feature in the Google Pixel 8 series, but it is not present in any other of its models.



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