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Google pressurizes Apple to adopt the RCS standard in iMessage

Google has decided to increase the pressure on Apple to adopt the Rich Communication Text (RCS) standard in iMessage, the iPhone’s messaging app. On 9th August, the Mountain View company launched a page dedicated to the theme, in addition to having started a campaign on social networks.

On the site, the search giant presents a series of arguments for the rival to change its mind, saying it is “time for Apple to fix text messages”. The company refers to chats between iPhones and Android smartphones, which are converted into SMS and MMS due to iOS incompatibility with the protocol used by more than 500 million people.

It’s not about the color of the bubbles. It’s the low quality videos, buggy group chats, no read receipts and typing indicators, no text messages over Wi-Fi, and more.


Also according to Google, the competitor’s refusal to adopt RCS leaves messages without the protection of end-to-end encryption, causing problems regarding privacy. In this way, both iOS and Android users are compromised, in her view.


Campaign on social networks

Efforts to pressure Apple to adopt RCS on the iPhone also include a campaign on platforms such as Twitter and TikTok. The company is encouraging users to post their complaints along with the hashtag #GetTheMessage.


On the initiative’s page, messages from Internet users who joined the campaign are displayed, showing dissatisfaction with the iPhone owner’s resistance, as well as reports addressing issues related to the subject. Despite this, there is no indication that Apple will change its mind, at least for now.


For those who are dissatisfied with the difficulties caused by the lack of RCS support on iOS, Google has suggested using apps like WhatsApp and Signal. They allow you to get rid of SMS and MMS limitations in exchanging messages between Android phones and iPhones.


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