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Google TV Receives Exciting Update with New Features and Enhancements

Google TV is a beloved service of the search giant, with millions of users worldwide utilizing it on televisions or TV boxes. Its simplicity and ease of use have earned it high praise and appreciation.

And as it should be, Google is systematically looking for new features to add to this service, which in itself is very complete. Like several other similar platforms, Google TV has an interface that offers the user a series of recommended content based on their viewing preferences. But since 2020, there is also the possibility of opting for a cleaner visual interface, which leaves suggestions and Google Assistant aside, giving the user a screen exclusively dedicated to applications.

Now, some users have started to notice a graphical renovation of this last mode, which sees its interface being renewed. These users have verified that they now have version 6.0.16 of Android TV Home, a version that is not yet available on the Play Store. With this release, it looks like the company has made some changes to the graphical style of the “Applications Only” mode. In the new version, the user has access to a screen with larger icons and a new grid format for applications when scrolling down.

Google’s intention with the introduction of the “Only App” mode was to offer users an alternative to guest mode, giving anyone the opportunity to access all contents without, however, being offered recommendations based on the tastes of other users; this is a notable convenience in some situations, just think of a family where the television is shared but the various members do not have similar tastes.
After installing the latest available version of Google TV, to activate the “apps only” mode with the changes described above, you just need to go to Settings -> Accounts & login -> Apps only mode.



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