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Great Ways to Show Your Spouse You Love Them

Love is such an important part of life, and so, when you find someone that you truly, genuinely love, it is important that you make the effort to show them how much they mean to you. There are many ways to do this, ranging from grand displays of affection to the little everyday affirmations of love. Everyone has different ways of showing how they feel, but if you’re looking for a good suggestion on how to make your loved one feel special, then this article has a handful of great suggestions.

Spend Your Time With Them

One of the most important ways of showing your love is to spend as much time as you can with your partner. It can be hard to make time sometimes, and often people forget just how much time they spend away from their loved ones. However, making the effort to clear your schedule and just spend time with your loved one is a brilliant way to show them you care. For example:

Date Nights

A brilliant way to spend a little bit of time with your loved one every week is to set up a regular date night – one night every week that, regardless of anything else, you will spend together. Do everything you can to make these nights spent together feel as special as you can. Buy candles, set out flowers, play romantic music. These nights are meant to show just how much you mean to each other, so you should truly make the effort to make them special.

Weekends Away and Holidays

Although it isn’t always possible, taking the time and effort to plan out holidays together is another great way to claim some time that you can spend in each other’s company. This is more of a rare occasion and should be treasured, so be sure to spend every moment you can enjoying your time together while your holiday lasts.

Buy Them Gifts

Another brilliant way to show your spouse how much you love them is to shower them with presents whenever you can. Whether you are buying gifts for husband or wife, the following ideas are brilliant ways to keep your loved ones happy:


While they are relatively inexpensive, flowers are a brilliant and beautiful way for you to remind your spouse just how much you care for them. They bring a splash of colour to any space and are sure to make your spouse smile every time they see them.

Items They Love

Not every gift has to be enormous, but occasionally buying your loved one an item that they truly want is a brilliant way to surprise them and make them feel adored, especially if you can catch them by surprise with your gift.

Remind Them in Little Ways

Whether you are sticking little love notes to the fridge or bringing them snacks as they spend time with their friends, showing your love for your spouse in little ways is a wonderful gesture that is sure to make them happy throughout the whole day.

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