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Hacks to Keep your House Clean

Clean house

Cleaning your house can feel like a never-ending chore. You need to stay on top of the smaller cleaning tasks every day to keep your home clean. When it comes to cleaning your home, the key is to make it easier to clean. Do the dishes after every meal and keep your surfaces clutter-free so you can wipe them quickly. You don’t have to dread cleaning every day – you can make it easier with these simple hacks.

No shoes inside

Ask everyone in the house to take their shoes off at the door. It’s much easier to keep the floor clean when there’s no mud and grass from outside. Get the whole family some indoor footwear for the house instead.

Place a shoe rack by the door to encourage people to neatly store their shoes – this may take a little training with children. You won’t need to hoover as much, and your floor will look cleaner for way longer.

Don’t throw the clothes on the floor

It’s far too easy to make a floordrobe in your bedroom. Instead of trying on numerous outfits in a rush, plan your outfits for the week in advance. Give yourself half an hour to decide on the outfits and put each one on a separate hanger. If you’re making a floordrobe every day, it might be time to declutter your wardrobe. Remove any clothes that are ill-fitting, damaged or inappropriate for the season. Store spare clothing under the bed and donate anything you don’t want.

Clean up messy areas straight away

We are all guilty of seeing a mess and turning the other way. If you leave the dirt once, you are likely to leave it again and again. Eventually, a small mess will turn into the entire house being dirty and dishevelled. It takes much longer to tackle the whole house than one spillage.

Make a cleaning routine

You need to do a thorough clean once a week to stay on top of things. This can include mopping the floors, cleaning the bathroom and reorganising kitchen drawers. You need to do smaller jobs every day to stay on top of them. Wipe down the surfaces with an antibacterial spray, hoover any messy areas and keep your space neat.

Do laundry daily

A daily laundry habit makes your life so much easier. Do not let your laundry pile over the basket and onto the floor. You will never wash the items at the bottom, and it will become impossible to stay on top of it.

Find your cleaning routine this month and get the whole family involved.

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