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How 360 Videos Are Changing the Face of Marketing

360 videos are becoming far easier to create and use, and so as you might expect, have been jumped on by all sorts of businesses who use video in their marketing. However, rather than just offering a relatively new way to make cool looking effects on video, 360 is something that actually offers something new and unique – the opportunity to make video feel more interactive, and to give a richer experience.

Here are some of the ways 360 video is changing the face of marketing.

A Better Experience

360 video – when done well – can give the viewer a rich, interactive experience that makes them feel part of the action. This can be used in things like live poker games, where the viewer wants to be able to see the faces of all of the participants and feel like they have a unique view that gives them a real insight into what is happening, and makes them feel a part of it. With good 360 video, someone can feel as if they have the same freedom to see around a space, real or virtual, that they have when they are really there. Because this offers something better to viewers and is still a relative novelty, viewers spend more time playing 360 videos and talking about them when they are available, making them a powerful marketing tool because people have a curiosity about them that encourages them to view them and share them.

Virtual Tours

One excellent use of 360 video for marketing is in providing video tours of locations. Whether it is a 360 video tour of a major sports stadium or of a hotel you might want to stay in, 360 video can capture the scale of things and allow you to get a very good feel of what the interior is like. This allows marketers to create videos for things like property or holiday accommodation that really shows off its best aspects and gives viewers a sense of confidence in what they are seeing. Another great use of this is by things like museums, galleries and other leisure venues, who can allow people to see what they have to offer and create a real sense of excitement about visiting.

360 Product Videos

As well as allowing viewers to see a panoramic, 360 view of things like groups of people or building interiors, 360 video can also be used to demonstrate products from all angles. When the visual design of a product is a big selling point, a 360 video allows the viewer to feel like they can see the product in every dimension and get a real sense of its shape, texture and look that just isn’t possible with flatter imagery. Whether it is looking at an object or around a space, 360 video makes it easy to really show off something you are promoting, and also creates an interesting and engaging medium people enjoy. These are some of the reasons why new uses for 360 video are being found all the time, and it is having a huge impact on modern video marketing.

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