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How Satellites are Transported to Space

It is a very difficult task to bring any object outside the Earth into space. In this, it is very important for the object to be free from the effect of Earth’s gravity. In contrast to this huge force, going to space also requires a lot of fuel and special technology. For this, instead of aircraft, rockets are most suitable. Those who are called launch vehicles today, their job is to deliver satellites or vehicles into space.
Going to space has been a dream for humans for centuries. Where humans took hundreds of years to reach the height in the atmosphere itself and he was able to make the plane. Going into space is a great achievement for humans. Going into space is not easy. Today, many spacecraft and artificial satellites are being delivered to space in such large quantities that it seems that it has become a very easy task now. But it is still a very difficult task. It is a very challenging and costly task to deliver vehicles through rockets in space, on which our scientists are still working today.

To know how things move in space, it is important to understand where space begins. It begins with the Carman Line, which goes up to a height of 100 kilometers above the surface of the Earth, whereas aircraft can usually go up to a height of only 10 kilometers.

The atmosphere so High
Technically, in terms of the effect of our atmosphere, the space starts from 10 thousand kilometers above the Earth, where the effect of the Earth can be considered completely over. But our artificial satellites orbit the earth far below this limit. Nevertheless, the Carman line can be considered as the beginning of space from the point of view of this question.

Problem with Aircraft
The question arises whether planes can be taken to space or not. The answer lies in why this is not the case. First of all, as we rise up, both air and oxygen start decreasing. Where airplanes depend on air and oxygen for their flight. We also need oxygen to breathe. Aircraft engines draw air from the front and burn the fuel which is mixed with oxygen. This heats up the air which moves very rapidly backwards and the aircraft moves forward.

Why No Plane
At higher altitudes, aircraft do not get enough air or oxygen. Therefore the aircraft cannot be flown at high altitudes. Apart from this, it becomes difficult for a person to breathe even in heights, so if the plane is taken to such a height, then oxygen will also have to be arranged. Therefore, to go to space, another system  is needed instead of the aircraft.


Rocket as a Solution
This is where the rocket comes which solves the problems. Where the engine of the aircraft gets oxygen from the air, this does not happen with the engine of the rocket. For that, there is a separate arrangement for the supply of oxygen or air, which the rockets carry themselves with them. Due to this, the space for other luggage and passengers in the rocket is reduced. But they can also work in high space where there is no wind at all. And where most satellites work.

Newton’s third law
Rocket engines throw the gas down very fast and Newton’s third law works, which keeps the rocket going upwards. When the balloon is filled with air and released without binding, then the balloon also goes faster in the opposite direction. The same principle works here as well. This requires a large amount of fuel and a very refined fuel.

Limited Utility of Rockets
Weight is very important in space travel. Apart from this, the rocket also has to face the friction of the atmosphere, so its outer shell is also specially designed. This cover is not useful for satellite or vehicle after going into space. Rather, the outer shell of the spacecraft needs sunlight so that solar energy can be harnessed.

Vehicles are left to launch rockets
In view of all these contradictory requirements, the evolving situation has now become such that rockets have become a vehicle in which satellites or spacecraft are sent and different parts of the rocket get separated during their journey. Due to which the weight of the rocket and the vehicle becomes work and the difficulties of flying upwards are reduced.

This is the reason why today rockets are also called launch vehicles. But scientists are now trying to make the rocket more advanced and use less energy. Even now such launch vehicles are being made which can be used again. That is, they will bring a vehicle or satellite to space and then come back to the atmosphere and come back to Earth, after which they can be used again for their work.

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