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How To Choose A Gaming Keyboard

It is not surprising to know that smart gadgets for gaming are launched almost every year. One of these gadgets is the gaming keyboard. A gaming keyboard is a dedicated keyboard designed for fulfilling the dynamic demands of players via boosted adaptability as well as features not found in the standard keyboards. 

Thus, gamers tend to look for a quality gaming keyboard. However, this can be a challenging task at times. To simplify it, here are the important buying factors or features to look for: 

Keyboard Type 

Not many of us know that there are two major types of gaming keyboards namely, membrane and mechanical. The membrane keyboards are for those on a budget and are often seen in schools and offices. However, for a passionate gamer, these models seem to be irritating. 

Thus, they look for mechanical keyboards that are costlier. The extra money one pays for buying one such keyboard is justifiable in terms of top quality. It endures sufficient key hits and is highly durable. 

While a membrane keyboard functions through electric currents stimulated upon pressing the keys, a mechanical one works through spring-loaded switches located underneath each keycap. 

There are various sizes of gaming keyboards on the market. Gamers with big hands will want to get a bigger size, while people with small hands will prefer something more compact.

Key Switches

A switch exists underneath each key to register its stroke. The quality of key switches is a critical factor to consider while choosing a gaming keyboard. The switches help in determining the keyboard’s quality and its performance.

Mechanical, membrane, and silicone dome are two main types of switches. The mechanical switches are considered the best. They are programmable and have good reflex action. Pressing these buttons triggers a click sound and releases a stress-relieving force.

Mechanical switches last longer and have more options although they are pricier than the membrane ones. They are also louder than the membrane ones. So, they are not for those who do not wish to disturb anyone’s sleep. 

The membrane switches are less durable and are made up of rubber domes. Pressing them triggers a soft bumpy feel without triggering any sound response.

On the other hand, silicone switches are commonly used. You need to press these keys to the bottom. There is no sound generated as a response. As there is no clear signal, it is tough to execute swift strikes.

Polling Rate

You need to know this phrase if you wish to invest in an ideal gaming keyboard. Polling rate refers to the keyboard’s responsiveness. In simple words, it is the frequency at which the input reaches the computer and at which the keyboard’s USB is checked for input by the user.

A rule of thumb is to have a monitor and keyboard of the same rate. A rate of 1000Hz is required to have a decent playing experience. A few models come with multiple polling rate options so that you can tailor as per your preferences. 


If you are a gamer, ghosting is something you will never admire. You are fighting with your does with a few attacks in which many buttons are used at once but one of them does not trigger any response and your attempt fails. That’s the end of your game. 

A normal keyboard can deal with three strokes at once. However, for gaming, you need simultaneous support for at least five without any interludes. Gaming keyboards with anti-ghosting ability can support between 5 and 10 strokes at once. 


It is always beneficial to choose a backlit keyboard for playing games. Gamers can select a keyboard having full RGB lit or a solo bright color. No matter which one you choose, a backlit gaming keyboard prevents strain to your eyes apart from giving a stunning look. A backlight glow also contributes to finger coordination such that no key is missed even in a dim-light room.

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