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How to Find the Best Paying Jobs in Computer Science

It goes without saying that the best paying jobs within computer science often fall to those with advanced-level degrees. Therefore, an entry-level technician will almost always make less than someone with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and if you really want to earn a better-than-average salary, a graduate degree from a prestigious school such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology will open many, many more doors for you. If you are interested in a top paying job, check out this degree.

Search Engines

As a graduate of NJIT online with a master’s degree in computer science, make sure to use that in your search criteria when looking for companies hiring in your field. Many positions may only be open to those with a graduate level degree, so it is important to use that as a key term. Also, use your major emphasis within the field of computer science. Whether search engines on job sites or a simple query on Google, narrow your search terms to find companies you would be interested in working for.

Social Networking

Broaden your reach with social networking just like you would if you were marketing a product. Actually, you are marketing a commodity – and that would be you! Reach out to companies and individuals within your industry. Become their follower, but make sure to be an active voice on their social sites. When it comes around to submitting your resumé , they just may recognize you because of your activity on their social media pages.

Job Fairs and Trade Shows

Try to attend as many industry-specific job fairs and trade shows as possible. While you may understand the benefits of social networking online, imagine the possibilities when networking face-to-face. That’s a form of direct marketing and who better to market you but you, yourself? Keep your introduction short and sweet, but always with the aim of being memorable. When you submit your application, if you’ve made an impact in person, your name just might stand up in the crowd.

Publish Your Thesis Paper or Doctoral Dissertation Online

Another interesting idea is to publish your thesis or dissertation online. Whether you publish it on a leading industry site or set up your own website, work towards SEO keywords to bring better rank in the search engines. If you can’t rank on page one, few will ever see your paper. In your industry, certain keywords will obviously be contained within your research, so target them in meta descriptions, images and even in a keyword Cloud. Grab Google’s attention and they’ll grab the employers for you! Getting published in high ranking industry journals would give you all those benefits and so many more. By getting your paper accepted on a site of authority, you then can piggyback on that very same authority.

While there are many other ways to find the best paying jobs in computer science, the one thing to keep in mind is that research is vital. Target those companies you would really, really like to work for and then take a systematic approach to gaining recognition when submitting your application. The key takeaway here is to think of a job search as a marketing strategy and you will find that job of your dreams.

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