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How to Know if an AirTag is Tracking You

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Requirements: An iPhone or an Android phone. The steps provided here are specific to iPhone users.

If you suspect that someone is using an AirTag to track your movements, both iPhones and Android phones can notify you if an unknown AirTag is detected nearby. If you believe you are being tracked without your consent and feel endangered, contact law enforcement for assistance in identifying the AirTag’s owner through Apple.

1. Receiving an Alert on Your iPhone

Your iPhone may alert you with a message saying “AirTag Found Moving With You” if:

  • The AirTag is not near its owner.
  • Your iPhone is active.

This notification can also appear with other Find My Network devices, like AirPods and certain accessories. AirTags and similar devices can emit a sound when they are moved while separated from their owners, to help locate them.

2. Ensuring Tracking Notifications are Enabled

If you do not receive alerts, check that your tracking notifications are on:

  • Open Settings and go to Privacy & Security.
  • Select Location Services and turn it on.
  • Navigate to System Services and enable Find My iPhone and Significant Locations.
  • Go back to Settings, choose Bluetooth, and turn it on.
  • In the Find My app, tap on your profile in the Me tab and enable Tracking Notifications.
  • Make sure Airplane Mode is off to receive notifications.

3. Using the Find My App

If an AirTag is playing a sound and you suspect it is tracking you, open the Find My app on your Apple device. Follow these steps:

  • Complete the previous steps to ensure tracking notifications are enabled.
  • Check the app to see if it identifies an unknown AirTag nearby.

Inspect your belongings, such as jackets, bags, pockets, purse, and wallet, to find the hidden AirTag.

4. Playing a Sound on the AirTag

If your iPhone alerts you of an AirTag traveling with you, use the Find My app to play a sound on the AirTag:

  • Tap on the alert, select Continue, and then Find Nearby.
  • Move around to locate the AirTag following the on-screen instructions.

Note: This feature is available on iPhone 11 and newer models with ultra-wideband technology. If you cannot play a sound, the AirTag might not be near you anymore.

5. Checking AirTag Information

If you find an unfamiliar AirTag, use your iPhone or any NFC-enabled smartphone to view its information:

  • Hold the top of your phone near the white side of the AirTag.
  • A notification will appear; tap it to access a webpage with the AirTag’s serial number and the last four digits of the owner’s phone number.

If the AirTag is lost, the owner might have provided contact information.

6. Disabling the AirTag

To stop the AirTag from tracking you:

  • Remove the battery by pressing down and twisting the cover counterclockwise.

If you are concerned about unwanted tracking or your safety, take screenshots of the device’s serial number and owner’s information, contact local law enforcement, and provide them with the disabled AirTag.



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